Where is Eric Crain?

by , Jul 8, 2009 | 5:39 pm

Eric and I played in the first round of the limit holdem shootout. What a nice, funny guy in addition to being a great player.

I beat him at the first table, but before I did, we agreed to save 10 percent. After beating him, I failed to get his phone number in order to contact him to arrange for payment after I won the tournament. Oops. I didn’t win.

I should have paid him his $435 before he left and figured that he would come watch me if I made the final table. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t make the final table, but I ran into Greg Mueller heads up. He’s soooo lucky.

Anyway, I owe Eric some money and want to pay him. Please help! I don’t want to be lumped in with all the other nonpaying “pieces” that I have encountered during the WSOP — and I certainly don’t want to to be included in Pokerati’s gallery of villains.

Anybody know how to get in touch with him? Seriously. I just want to pay him.

7 Comments to “Where is Eric Crain?”

  1. steve hall

    Just leave the money, in a brown envelope,taped to my seat number 2048 before the media tournament tomorrow. In return I will donk off all my chips to DanM .

  2. Tony

    ESPN is taking questions from fans right now to ask the commissioner. The top voted ones will be asked tomorrow during media day! http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/poker/news/story?id=4307855

  3. Vinny B.

    He’ll probably be at the Borgata any day now.

  4. Eric Crain

    Hey Tom. Somehow my Grandma found this post and alerted me to it. I’m back in Illinois now, but if you want to ship online my SN are jakz101 on pokerstars and jakz101poker on fulltilt. A google search should verify that those are my screennames. I know we talked about both knowing Brett Richey. If you have his contact info he can also verify.

    I wasn’t worried at all about the $435. I figured if we didn’t cross paths again at this year’s WSOP we surely would in 2010. I was 100% planning on coming to watch the Final Table though. F-ing Greg Mueller….

  5. Eric Crain

    Scratch the FTP … just tilt-closed my account. Stars will be fine, if not I’ll just find you at the WSOP next year. Had a blast at our table btw. We’ll have to get some more Chinese in next year.

  6. Tom Schneider

    Pokerati comes through again. Your G-ma is pretty cool. Will send the cash to your Pokerstars account when I get home. Got to arrange to get some then it will be there. Chinese it is. Good luck on your school endeavors.

  7. DanM

    It occurs to me that this really is a case of “Oops, I Won Too Much Money!”