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Bingo is Back in Fashion

by , Jul 1, 2016 | 5:38 pm

bingo-tumblerHave you heard? Bingo is all the rage. Blame it on Millennials or maybe steampunk, but just as tonicked hair and classic cocktails have made a stylish comeback, some classic games that have been providing recreational entertainment for generations have also experienced a resurgence in recent years.

The game has come a long way since playing out of a small tumbler. And playing live bingo today in the smoke-filled bingo hall can be intimidating at times. Seasoned players carry their own equipment, in bags full of multi-colored daubers, ready to mark bingo sheets en masse. Sometimes there’s a language all their own, as game organizers call out special promotions, and the action seems to move fast. But still, the desire to play in these big community games is there.

The game can trace its origins back to Italy in the 1500s, and then to France, which introduced “Le Lotto” in the 1770s. The Germans had appropriated the game in the 1800s as an educational tool for children learning math. It would eventually make its way across the pond and was being played in its modern form by the 1920s, as a game called Beano. As legend has it, in 1929 a winner stuttered when screaming with delight about the game she just won, and out of her mouth came “Bingo!” and from there the rest is history. The sound was supposed to emulate a bell ringing.

The game would continue to evolve, with bigger scoresheets and lights soon being added. After a Catholic priest from Pennsylvania delighted in the game and decided to give it a try as a fundraising event, the real-money aspect would take hold in churches throughout North America and in the banquet halls of many philanthropic organizations. By the 2000s the game would find its way online. Many say that online bingo has much to do with its resurgence — as people who get on with bingo sites are finding themselves better prepared for the action (if they can handle the smoke). For nearly a century, wherever they have played this game, whether it be in bingo halls or church basements or grandma’s living rooms, entire families know the authentic thrills of hearing your number and yelling “Bingo!”


Are You Superstitious?

by , May 28, 2016 | 9:13 pm

It surprises me just how often many players still rely on their ‘gut feeling’ or some superstition such as their birthday, to encourage good luck at the poker tables.  Of course it’s not only poker players that are superstitious, most games have players that believe in good and bad luck, I have a friend who loves to play online bingo at sites like Moon Bingo and she won’t sit down to play or chat with any of her friends unless she has a full cup of fresh coffee in her ‘Lucky Mug.’

Now don’t get me wrong, if it suits you then that is great, and if you have a lucky charm then there is really nothing wrong with having it close to you, but if you ever put your poker game into the hands of ‘outside forces’ then that is the time that your game loses its very soul.

Superstition actually plays a role in most gambling and sports activities with some players having totally unrealistic beliefs in an action which will supposedly affect their luck for better or for worse. Poker and Craps players are notorious for their superstitious behaviours which baffle our senses of logic but can also fortify the mind of the player maybe, just maybe appease Lady Luck bringing them back into good grace.



Facebook Gambling & New Jersey Lawsuits

by , Aug 14, 2012 | 12:00 pm

This week, Facebook launched a real money bingo game, with slot games close behind. What could this mean for affiliates? Also, New jersey gets sued over sports betting, and Maryland abandons thoughts of online gambling.

A Wider World of Poker

by , Nov 16, 2011 | 5:23 pm

With the World Series lumbering off into the distance, it’s back to the grind for the world of poker; wider parts included. The twin-tailed dragon of news has been belching forth stories about big government and big tournaments this week, so follow me as I slay the beast with my sword of journalism and craft lustrous armour made from unblemished facts*.

Premier League Poker is a Mixed Bag

If you were to pop into the Playboy Club in London tonight, you would have the ironclad excuse of being on the look out for some high class poker. The Premiere League Poker Mixed Game Championship is both verbose and underway. Tony G, Mike Sexton, Jennifer Tilly, and a handful of other semi-famous pros are battling through a series of televised heats for a shot at $100k. [WPT Mag]

Euro Honchos Discuss Online Gambling

Elected representatives of the various EU states gathered in Brussels this week to debate the issue of online gambling. During a session of the European Parliament, politicians discussed the mish mash of different online gambling laws that exist across the continent. MEPs are keen to allow member countries to maintain their own rules, but issued support for a legislative framework that would require new gambling regulations to adhere to agreed standards. [European Parliament]

Bingo Players Lose Their Identity

With evil nerds lurking around every corner waiting to leap out and hack you, the importance of data protection is at an all time high. There’s not much a business can do, however, if the person stealing the information already works for them. That’s exactly what happened at Foxy Bingo, where employee Marc Ben-Ezra was caught selling the details of 65,000. To the outrage of the UK’s Information Commissioner, Ben-Ezra has so far been hit with no more than a £2,000 fine. [E Week Europe]

The Nations Cup is London Bound

Provided they aren’t in middle of a massive downswing, any pro will tell you that poker is a game of skill. That’s also the opinion of the London Mind Sports Festivals, who have allied with the International Federation of Poker to present the Nations Cup. Twelve different countries have entered teams (as have facebook game company Zynga, for some reason). To enhance the skill factor, teams will be play duplicate poker while sat inside the London Eye – a giant sightseeing Ferris wheel on the bank of the Thames. [CardPlayer]

I have to get back to forging shields and bothering giants now, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the “real world” while I’m at it. If there’s no column next week, assume that I’ve fallen inside my computer. Send Jeff Bridges.

*Your humble correspondent might have been playing a little too much Skyrim this week.

Gambling Biz Today


by , Feb 3, 2010 | 5:15 am

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on in one of the hungriest industries out there, and, game of skill or not, the parent biz of our beloved little poker world:

ALABAMA — A small little gambling fight is going down in the land Spencer Bachus represents, over a matter of semantics, technology, and the millions of dollars bingo machines represent. Bingo is legal in ‘bama … but should video bingo be? The fight is a dirty — complete with one agency repeatedly trying to raid a well-monied operation that believes it’s on the right side of the law.

CHINA — After a slow start, gambling revenues in Macau are reaching record levels.

IOWAThe Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission’s computer system got hacked, and they’re blaming China:

Chinese foreign ministry officials strongly disputed the report, issuing a statement calling it “full of bias and ulterior motives.”

Personal information in the breach included names, Social Security numbers, home addresses and dates of birth. Most of the people in the licensing database are Iowa residents, but it also includes residents of Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin and other states, Ketterer said.

The list includes workers such as card dealers, slot machine technicians, jockeys, trainers and owners of horses and greyhounds.

LOUISIANAThe New Orleans-to-Shreveport casino-biz is in a definite recession, one not planned for when the state planned on becoming the central-coast alternative to Las Vegas and Atlantic City. They blame Texans for not gambling enough Oklahoma and Mississippi for cutting in on their action.

NEW JERSEYBig fight going on over laws related to the building of Revel — the east coast’s $2.5 billion version of CityCenter. Should be an interesting development to watch go up (or down) as New Jersey fights to stay competitive with the smaller casino operations set to open shop in Delaware and Pennsylvania, but not Maryland.

MARYLAND — Gov. Martin O’Malley is saying Maryland’s not gonna jump into the gambling expansion fray, despite assertions that his state is gonna lose out as neighboring locales up their casino offerings to include table games + poker.

OHIO — As we know, Lyle Berman has effectively bought himself a piece of all the newly legalized action to come in Cincinatti, Cleveland, and Toledo. But he’s run into some blowback over the location of a new casino in Columbus. The constitutional amendment voters approved in November called for a full-blown casino-resort downtown, but now a referendum on a May ballot will decide if the Penn Gaming development should be moved to a blighted part of the city.

Related: “It’s Lyle’s Ohio Now”

UNITED KINGDOM — Once upon a time, Great Britain was leading the world in all things online gambling. But regulations and tax issues are messing that up — and it’s turning into a battle of Labour vs. the Tories for the UK’s gambling future. Good rundown on some British gambling-law history and where the different parties stand on gambling in the UK … as the rest of Europe catches up.