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Intrastate Mobile Sports Betting Coming to Nevada

Blackberry, iPhone apps to service legal, real-money wagers

by , Sep 3, 2010 | 12:14 pm

This is one of those stories that may not be a big deal — especially for people who don’t bet sports (like me) … but for some reason I see a lot in play here that could prove plausibly significant for the future of gambling, both live and online. You decide whether or not this is a game-changer:

Check out this article from the AP about what will be called “Leroy’s App”.

American Wagering Inc. launches their new Blackberry app supposedly like next week … in time for the NFL and college football seasons. And then in coming months they’ll have the same thing for iPhones, Droids, and other “smart” mobile devices, they say. The Blackberry version has already been approved by the NV Gaming Control Board, while the others will face similar vetting upon release.

The catch: You can bet on sports from anywhere — your home, the grocery store, a bar, middle of the desert, Pahrump whorehouse, etc. — so long as you do so somewhere in the state of Nevada.

The things I find curious about this, both technologically and, um … license-and-regulatorially(?):

  • GPS tracking applied to online gambling, creating a virtual gaming wall at the state lines; makes me think of both Kentucky and California.
  • Different than Cantor Gaming devices at M Resort, the Venetian, and (coming soon) the Hard Rock, as their mobile sports-betting tech only works on casino property.
  • Wonder if Leroy’s app will have in-game betting, like Cantor’s casino product.
  • Would love to meet Leroy. He’s got to be an interesting character.
  • Wonder what this has to do, if anything, with stripping sports betting from HR 2267.
  • GCB approval suggests confidence in ability to block underage bettors online. Live first-deposit at Leroy’s seems to be the key.

Here’s a little more on the forthcoming release as per the tech-biz media at