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Even More Poker Shows in the Works?

by , Aug 7, 2009 | 1:24 pm

What, is this like 2005 again? It’s like everybody and their dog wants to do poker-ish TV. I’m not so sure how these will work out, because they never responded to my inquiry … but then again, maybe they didn’t care for my resume and headshot submission: “ :)”

Anyhow, there was an interesting little poker job fair yesterday at Binion’s, with online recruiting efforts powered by Craigslist:

Talent and Production crew members needed for 4 poker television shows

Reply to:
Date: 2009-08-03, 1:30PM

The Poker Television Network is producing four brand new shows that will be filmed at Binion’s. I have listed each show below along with the talent needed. If you know poker and want in on a ground floor opportunity with a new television network please reply ASAP. We have productions starting in one week from today. I will be conducting interviews this Thursday at noon at Binion’s.

1. Wake up with Poker
Talent: Attractive male & female co hosts
Production: Camera People, Writer/News gatherer

2. Poker Talk Live
Talent: Band, co host, Future host
Production: Writer, Production Assistant, Camera People

3. Poker School
Talent: Attractive Female Host
Production: Writer, Production Crew

4. Strip Poker
Talent: Attractive Female Host
Production: Writer, Production Crew

Contact Dustin ASAP with your contact information and resumes. Production crew members, please supply a link to your work or bring a copy of your demo reel with you.

Location: Binion’s Casino
Compensation: Minimum of $10/hour

Original URL:

Hmm, they’re offering actual money, so that’s good. PokerNetwork247 seems to be the offspring of a low-stakes grassroots poker community in Colorado, headed up by some dudes who dig big boobs and NASCAR.

Thanks @johnharristtu for the heads-up. If I were less of a dick I probably woulda posted this sooner so others could take advantage of the info. But hey, really, Poker 24-7 … really?

Paging Sklansky?

by , Aug 18, 2008 | 9:31 am

Sometimes a buy-in only makes mathematical sense:

P.S. I swear I have some craigslist RSS feeds set up for “poker,” not “crave cock.”

Poker 4 Sale

And Some Services Wanted

by , May 9, 2008 | 2:19 am

I like to troll Craigslist every so often for some hot, anonymous NSA poker action. Not looking for games — there’s no shortage of ’em here in LV — just wanting to take the pulse of what people are pushing related to poker. Look at the ads all together and you get some interesting tells on the state of the poker world and its semi-anonymous inhabitants:

There are a lot of chips , tables, fancy custom tables and chips and tables for sale, of course, and for $15 a made-for-TV WPT video game. WSOP: Tournament of Champions for the Playstation goes for $8

For $150k you can have documentary footage of the rise and fall of Jamie Gold.

A WSOP baby’s blanket.

More chips, from the Aladdin, and from the Atlantic City Playboy Club. “Omaha Table” from Sante Fe Station.

Perhaps frighteningly, there are even poker bots for sale. At least one suspicious reader is questioning whether or not this is legal.


How to Be a Mid-Stakes Pro, Part 2

by , May 8, 2008 | 11:46 pm

From Craigslist:

well know poker player needs backer – $25 (Las Vegas)
Date: 2008-04-17, 1:28AM PDT
I will only accept the right person. I currently have a backer and we will be parting ways if I find a bigger backer. You are welcome to review my results and talk to my current backer. I made him $52,000 last year. I use to have my own money but I started a business that didn’t work out and I lost a few hundred K! Last year 07 I made $104,000 playing 2-5NL. We started with $15k and split everything 50/50. I want need to move up to where I use to play 5-10 and 10-20 and I need a bigger backer. I have an $1,800 mortgage and a $1,000 car payment so playing 2-5 doesn’t make enough for me to move up. My current backer has the same problem and cannot increase his stake. I am looking for someone to put up a min. of $25k for 5-10 and above. Since I made $104k in 2-5 it is easy to see I will make $200k playing bigger and it is the game I am use to playing in the past. I just cannot pay my bills plus save money making only $52,000. My nut is about $40k a year! We can meet and talk and I will choose who I let back me. My current backer knows I will be leaving and there is no bad blood there, just not enough money for me to split at my current level!

From the way the hedline sounds, I’d guess this guy is Asian. Just sayin’ … regardless, I suspect Men the Master might see a flaw in Danielsan’s plan.

World Series of Housing

by , Apr 1, 2008 | 12:26 pm

As hinted at below, I spent a lot of time last month investigating the Las Vegas housing market by no choice of my own. (I have indeed found a place — it is a renter’s market here, after all — move this weekend.) All this searching coincides with a handful of poker players reaching out for info about WSOP accommodations. The World Series, of course, brings a lot of visitors to Vegas for an extended stay — anywhere from two weeks to two months — yet they’re hesitant about Extended Stay America because of ricin. Fortunately there are plenty of other affordable, non-casino options for those looking for a home away from home during the annual poker hajj, compliments of, at least in part, a housing crisis that’s being debated in Washington as we type.