Even More Poker Shows in the Works?

by , Aug 7, 2009 | 1:24 pm

What, is this like 2005 again? It’s like everybody and their dog wants to do poker-ish TV. I’m not so sure how these will work out, because they never responded to my inquiry … but then again, maybe they didn’t care for my resume and headshot submission: “Pokerati.com :)”

Anyhow, there was an interesting little poker job fair yesterday at Binion’s, with online recruiting efforts powered by Craigslist:

Talent and Production crew members needed for 4 poker television shows

Reply to: gigs-ra6zz-1303970800@craigslist.org
Date: 2009-08-03, 1:30PM

The Poker Television Network is producing four brand new shows that will be filmed at Binion’s. I have listed each show below along with the talent needed. If you know poker and want in on a ground floor opportunity with a new television network please reply ASAP. We have productions starting in one week from today. I will be conducting interviews this Thursday at noon at Binion’s.

1. Wake up with Poker
Talent: Attractive male & female co hosts
Production: Camera People, Writer/News gatherer

2. Poker Talk Live
Talent: Band, co host, Future host
Production: Writer, Production Assistant, Camera People

3. Poker School
Talent: Attractive Female Host
Production: Writer, Production Crew

4. Strip Poker
Talent: Attractive Female Host
Production: Writer, Production Crew

Contact Dustin ASAP with your contact information and resumes. Production crew members, please supply a link to your work or bring a copy of your demo reel with you.


Location: Binion’s Casino
Compensation: Minimum of $10/hour

Original URL: http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/tlg/1303970800.html

Hmm, they’re offering actual money, so that’s good. PokerNetwork247 seems to be the offspring of a low-stakes grassroots poker community in Colorado, headed up by some dudes who dig big boobs and NASCAR.

Thanks @johnharristtu for the heads-up. If I were less of a dick I probably woulda posted this sooner so others could take advantage of the info. But hey, really, Poker 24-7 … really?

10 Comments to “Even More Poker Shows in the Works?”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Wonder what GSN and the WPT would think of them broadcasting their shows.

  2. Johnny Hughes

    Hey, someone tell them about me, and I will be there. How about a colorful, old, stock-character West Texas gambler. I know 1/3 more old Texas sayings than Doyle or Slim, and I get them right. To quote my hometown songwriter pal, Terry Allen, “I ain’t got no Stetson, but I’m willing to bet son, that I’m as big a Texan, as you are.” Plus I’ve done some acting, TV, radio, and lots of short cons.

  3. Kevin Mathers


    Google the name Matt Sowash and then decide if you want to do this, although it may intrigue you even more.

  4. Johnny Hughes

    Kevin…thanks loads. A made for TV movie here.

    I played at Binion’s during the World Series with two guys with this outfit. I am going to look for their card. I saved cards, often.

    They would remember me! We were playing 1,2, no limit, with these piss-ant raises of 7 to 10, which I would put a grown-up re-raise on. I was on a rush. One or the other of these guys would pay me $3 to see my hand when I won a pot with no showdown. On a really big pot, they both paid me, for no reason. I was sitting between them, and they had on T-shirts for there Amateur deal.

  5. Vinny B.

    My idea for a show is to film a 2-4 game with none of the players knowing that their hole cards are bring filmed. With my running commentary, it would be hilarious.

    Anyone who has ever sat at a 2-4 table (which is what I often do while waiting for a seat at a real game to open up), knows what I am talking about.

  6. Fifth Street Journal

    The guys behind this have a long history of screwing people, some of which is summarized on my site. They’re out on bail right now, on securities fraud charges.

  7. Kevin Mathers

    Props to giving credit where credit is due.

  8. Prison Poker Tour

    Matt Sowash
    Guily 5 years Prion
    $458,750 in restitution.
    The Judge called him a “Liar”.
    Victims stood up and expressed how they had been mistreated and some conned out of their life savings because of Matt Sowash.
    Matt Sowash said he was a “victin” of bad business, promotional, and marketing advice and service. Blamed everyone for his mistakes, and took no responsibility for his actions.
    Now we just have to wait until January 7th to watch Andrew “Doc” Hicks to go to court in Arapahoe County Court for his fraudulent actions.

  9. Kevin Mathers

    A smidge more details at http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/2009/11/more_details_about_former_poke.php

  10. Prison Poker Tour

    Andrew Hicks

    Guilty 2 years in Jail
    10 years Probation
    $318,000 in restitution
    Judge ordered a “Mental Health Evaluation” for Hicks.
    Hicks kept on blaming Sowash for everything and kept apologizing, claiming he was just overwhelmed and tried to do the right thing. He admitted to paying his family back part of the $60,000 he claims he borrowed from them, and his other victims were pissed. Some claimed to have lost everything.

    Hicks clearly was delusional, and claimed it wasn’t his fault, then apologized again.

    Hicks was taken into custody in front of his family, placed in handcuffs, and immediately started crying like a little girl. As big as a man he claimed to be, he surely showed he was just a little bitch.