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Peter Eastgate to Re-gift His Eco-Table for Charity

by , Jun 24, 2009 | 6:39 pm

The WSOP is almost over. At least the first part is. It concludes with $50k HORSE, which starts Friday. From there, the main event is a whole different animal. And during that transition you have all sorts of other activities, such as PokerPalooza — the new-and-improved Gaming Life Expo, where, minus the off-shore online sites, you can expect pretty much the bulk of the for-profit and non-profit poker industry to be on display. Click below for a little extra info on what’s in store.

Last year, Peter Eastgate received a bit of an overlay for winning the main event … an EGM Green poker table — made from 100 percent environmentally righteous materials (valued at $5,000) by a company whose mission seems to be outfitting casinos with products that help it earn whatever bonus goes along with LEED certification. Eastgate got one of these tables last year as a gift, but he hasn’t opened it yet, and it’s being shipped back to the WSOP so the felt can be autographed (using non-toxic Sharpies?) and silent-auctioned off with proceeds going to a yet-to-be-determined Eastgate-favored charity.