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Kristy Gazes WSOP Shower

by , Jun 6, 2009 | 4:22 am

Forget Jeff Madsen … Kristy Gazes is a dirty girl wet and naked:

She’s getting ready for the High Heels Poker Tour ladies boot camp at the Hard Rock, and then the Women in Poker Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Golden Nugget … and as she points out, this is a very Ladies-y weekend. So not a bad way to start.

Late-Night Follows: $1,500 OHL

by , May 29, 2009 | 10:24 pm

(aka Omaha 8/B to most … bear with me as I belligerently try to simplify the game labels. )

A record (for Omaha Hi-Lo) field of 918 players started today … they’re about halfway through it, and a few Team Pokerati players are still alive.

DonkeyBomber just barely … but according to @donkeybomber, Mrs. DonkeyBomber is quite comfortable.

Robert Goldfarb (@robertgoldfarb) is likewise even more comfortable.

Also, in addition to the usual pros who happen to still be alive — Negreanu, Elezra, Hellmuth, Duke, Lindgren, et al — I’m following Matt Savage, Kristy Gazes, and early blog-adopter Shirley Rosario (who recently won a $1,000 HORSE Tourney at the California State Championships, hosted by Matt Savage).

RE: Poker Goes Pop-Music Semi-Mainstream

OMG! Like poker!

by , Mar 24, 2009 | 9:12 am

Wow that YouTube, I’ll-tell-you-what …

So yeah, the song PokerFace by Lady Gaga … it’s at the top of the charts these days. It hit #1 for UK Singles this week, it’s #3 on the “Hot 100”, #2 on the “Pop 100”, and #9 on the Mainstream Top 40. And … it’s all over YouTube.

Apparently teen (and pre-teen) girls across the country world are flocking to webcams while dancing to a song that shamelessly glorifies Texas Hold’em. Whether we might be seeing the next tough female pros or gold-digging railbirds, I’m not so sure … but either way, surely it’s got to be “good for poker” when a pop song about a brash sexy-chick beatin’ a gamblin’ man at his own game inspires a generation young, impressionable lip-syncers to vocally embrace the concept of “bluffin’ with my muffin.”

Click through and around “related videos” for a sense of just how rampantly this song is spreading the poker word. Technically all the vids are SFW because they’re on YouTube … but WARNING: you may feel a little weird looking at so many perky schoolgirls bouncing around in tight clothes and short skirts to a song about poker: I know I did after watching like 80 of ’em … including:

Umm …
Uhh, poker?
Ooh So wrong
Clearly wronger


Kristy Gazes?

(Way) Outside the WSOP – (Day 31)

by , Jun 29, 2008 | 6:59 am

Finishing the action from last night, with the Sunday preview that’s not really a preview:

The HORSE final table is now set for 3pm to be under the really hot lights of the ESPN cameras. Here’s how this stacked lineup will be seated at that table:

Seat 1: Matt Glantz (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) — 1,445,000
Seat 2: Huck Seed (Las Vegas, Nevada) — 1,200,000
Seat 3: Patrick Bueno (Paris, France) — 695,000
Seat 4: Lyle Berman (Minneapolis, Minnesota) — 1,430,000
Seat 5: Scotty Nguyen (Las Vegas, Nevada) — 3,535,000
Seat 6: Barry Greenstein (Rancho Palos Verdes, California) — 1,955,000
Seat 7: Michael DeMichele (Las Vegas, Nevada) — 905,000
Seat 8: Erick Lindgren (Las Vegas, Nevada) — 3,680,000

The other final table for today the $2,000 NL Holdem event, will be held in some corner of the Amazon room at 3pm, but here’s what that final table will look like:

Seat 1: Dan Rome 650,000
Seat 2: Ryan D’Angelo 520,000
Seat 3: Marco Johnson 2,135,000
Seat 4: Kirill Gerasimov 1,145,000
Seat 5: Robert Brewer 1,050,000
Seat 6: Gabe Costner 1,475,000
Seat 7: Alan Cutter 535,000
Seat 8: Alexandre Gomes 1,075,000
Seat 9: Sverre Sundbo 685,000

The $5,000 NL Holdem 6-handed final table finally ended after 6 hours of heads up play when Joe Commisso finally eliminated Richard Lyndaker to take down the bracelet and just over $911,000. Commisso had to be wondering if he’d ever win after having Lyndaker dominated 7-1 on 3 separate occasions, only for Lyndaker to claw back into contention and take the chip lead. Between the two of them there was almost a dozen all in confrontations where the smaller stack would win, which turned out to be a one in 600-something possibility.

Other tournament action on the next page:

WPT World Champ: Beyond the Bubble

by , Apr 22, 2008 | 6:51 pm

They’re into the money in the $25k WPT World Championship Event. Every remaining player is guaranteed $39,570 (a $14.5k payday) while they compete for the $3.4 million first prize.

As of this moment, there are 85 players left — Anna Wroblewski just went out … she was looking strong all tourney long. Our best friend Tom Schneider is still alive with a slightly above average stack. (Notice he’s our best friend as opposed to just a friend or Pokerati contributor now that he’s secured the money. If he can make the final table, he’ll be our super-best-very-best friend … and I’m sure that’s what’s motivating him.)

Other names of note (to me) that are still live include Carlos Mortenson (defending champ), Rhynie Campbell (met him last night, he seems funny and cool), Mark Seif (who’s been keeping people posted about the condition of his wife’s cervix), Isabelle Mercier and Kristy Gazes (attractive women), Jared Hamby (Go Texas!), Tommy Le (one of my MySpace friends with a really cool name), Steve and Danny Wong (Go 2007 Fantasy Team!), and TJ Cloutier (Go same Dallas flight!)

More North Texas Big-Tourney Arse-Kickers
Former Dallas dealer takes down Aruba Classic

by , Oct 7, 2007 | 8:42 pm

Running Good: 25-year-old Travis Rice made two final tables at the 2007 WSOP and follows that up with a high-six-figures win in Aruba.[photo: PocketFives]

One of the other major tournaments going on this weekend took place in Aruba — a slightly more scenic destination than New Jersey. The $5,500 buy-in event drew 548 players, and in the end, after enduring a semi-difficult outdoor final table (complete with sun, wind, and bugs) Fort Worth’s Travis Rice was the last player standing — winning $800,000 and providing further proof of the old adage about the success of the Dallas Cowboys being tied to the Ultimate Bet Aruba Classic.

Mean Gene was there ogling the bikini-clad following the official action, as was PocketFives. While a handful of big-name pros competed (Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth, Robert Williamson, Mike Matusow, Kristy Gazes, et al.), by the time this thing got to the money, the online qualifiers were clearly dominating.

Online players know Travis as “TravestyFund” … but some of you may remember him as a dealer at the now defunct Sixth Street. He has since turned pro, and thus far in 2007 banked nearly $1.2 million in tournament winnings. He celebrated his most recent victory by jumping in a pool.

More photos here.