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Advice on Low-Stakes Cash Game Play

CardRunners presents … Marshall28

by , Aug 25, 2010 | 6:51 am

Keeping with the 6-max NLHE, today we turn to Peter Jennings, aka “Marshall28” … a low-stakes 6-max NLHE specialist who advises CardRunners students on $.50/$1 play online — instruction that seems particularly well-suited for slightly short-handed $1/$2 and $2/$5 no-limit live game players.

It’s all about stack size and subsequent implied odds, working your opponent’s subconscious, and what small bets on the flop can do to set up bluffs on the river … dependent on scare cards, of course.

Because if that’s the game you’re looking to play, you better know when to pull the plug on a triple-barrel assault with nothing.

Check out his CR blog about poker coaching here and sign up for CardRunners’ free poker training here.

Kinda funny … the other Peter Jennings used to offer journalism training here.

Advice on Playing Deep-Stacked Cash

CardRunners presents …

by , Aug 22, 2010 | 4:33 pm

Today’s lesson brings us back to the 6-max cash tables that action junkies just love … with CardRunners mid-stakes 6-max NLHE instructor Joey Lawrence — the Aussie online poker pro “jcl”, not the ’80s pop star — talking through a hands with an eye for extracting the most value when players are deep, and how not to tie up too many chips in places you shouldn’t. All pretty critical if you really wanna see your bankroll, um … Blossom?

If you want more Joey Lawrence, you can read his personal blog here, his Cardrunners blog here, and see his videos as an up-and-coming boy-band soloist here.

But for poker instruction to give you the best chance at some day living like you were once a Tiger Beat coverboy, the most +EV play is to sign up for CardRunners’ free poker training here.

PLO Refresher Course with “mindcirkus”

CardRunners Presents …

by , Aug 12, 2010 | 2:06 am

Matthew Wheat, mindcirkus, PLO

Everybody’s getting ready for the Pokerati NLH/PLO tournament … Championship! at the Detox Series. Excited, of course, to be playing my first ever tournament session of half-pot-limit Omaha. So naturally, I went to my coaches at CardRunners for some quick pointers … and they sent me to Mindcirkus … aka Matthew Wheat.

He’s made his name amongst the online kids for dominance in 6-max PLO cash games. Now I get what they’re doing with all this wax-on-wax-off paint-the-fence shit they keep serving me … but not really what I’m looking for when I’ve got a tournament in just a week to prepare for. I already know how to play PLO cash games, obv!

“Now you don’t, Dan,” my chief keeper at CardRunners said.

powered by

He pointed out that these are important skills to understand, and they helped mindcirkus make his way to the final table in the $10k WSOP PLO Championship this summer. Fair enough, but my game is really more half-and-half. Still, they say there’s stuff I’ll be able to use from this lesson about online tells in 6-max PLO — as seen primarily in bet sizes and bet speed.

You can get free membership to CardRunners simply by letting them track your Full Tilt play with Truly Free Poker Training.

New Dedicated PLO Coach at CardRunners

Meet Andreas Torbergson

by , Aug 1, 2010 | 4:57 pm

Andreas “Skjervøy” Torbergsen

I swear I told’em it wasn’t necessary, but my good pals at CardRunners insisted …

Knowing I’ve been actively working on my PLO game, and that I have my first such “beginners” PLO tournament coming up Aug. 18 @detoxpoker, CR has signed Andreas Torbergsen (aka “Skjervøy”) as a dedicated PLO instructor and team pro. (He’s also been recently added as a Full Tilt Red Pro.)

Here’s an interview with the Norwegian grinder made extra-good … about taking his 1/2 PLO game to Vegas in 2005 and eventually juicing it up to a seven-figure bankroll. And kudos to the dude for not dropping out of university, apparently seeing the value of a marketing degree even though his current winnings could be enough to make most poker players say skøøl schmjool.

To get Andreas’ forthcoming instructional vids (for free) you can sign up for Truly Free Poker Training.

Unless, of course, you happen to play in the Pokerati game. If you do, then just ignore all this and continue to get it all-in with a weak pair and non-nut draw!

CardRunners Presents …

No-Limit Hold’em Crash Course

by , Jul 30, 2010 | 9:41 am

The real @RickyMask

At first I had the wrong guy when learning about my latest Cardrunners instructor, Rick Mask, aka “Rask” … that’s OK, because despite his super-duper online success, the Hendon Mob hardly knows who he is either. Rask’s latest training video is geared toward teaching a level of poker many of us feel ready to consistently beat … but may not be seeing equivalent results. Here Rask is playing a $400 NL game, where apparently skilled online poker sometimes involves making moves when your mouse freezes up on the precipice of a full-on crash.

Remember, you can get a free membership to CardRunners — the original intense online training site — by signing up with Truly Free Poker Training.

And here’s some additional sample training from Rask, holding class on the low-stakes NL cash tables:

Felt Wars Pt. 2

Word from our sponsors …

by , Jul 24, 2010 | 2:35 am

Another fun one looking at poker a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … from CardRunners instructor/filmmaker JimmyLegs:

Remember, you can get a free membership to CardRunners by signing up with Truly Free Poker Training here.

Word from Our Sponsors …

by , Jul 19, 2010 | 6:02 am

Funny … from CR instructor Jimmylegs:

Remember, you can get a free membership to CardRunners by signing up with Truly Free Poker Training here.

Quick Heads-up Lesson from Jungleman

CardRunners presents …

by , Jul 17, 2010 | 4:52 pm

For those of us who are currently NOT fighting to make the November Nine, we still need to be working on our games for when we are. Because our good pals at CardRunners understand that we currently might be a bit distracted, however, they’ve sent us just a quickie with JungleMan. (About the length of a Tao of Pokerati episode.) This lesson — available for free with CR’s ass-kicking Truly Free Poker Training — is one that skips ahead actually, to training for when it’s all on the line heads-up.

(My early call for November, btw, just because I’d like to see it and it’s still possible … will be Grinder vs. subiime.)

More like this available to you with Truly Free Poker Training

Poker in the Round

by , Jul 15, 2010 | 6:16 am

This one goes to 11: Rob Gusman and Danny Egelhoff knew there had to be a better way to watch poker — all they needed was a high-resolution camera with 11 lenses digitally stitched together.

When Danny Egelhoff was a “multimedia producer” for CardPlayer in 2007, he quickly realized, “we needed a way to make watching poker more interesting. Events were edited down to boring bare essentials, and viewers were force-fed what they had to watch.”

Fast-forward to the 2010 WSOP … Egelhoff, 31, and his partner, Rob Gusman, 34, are founders of All 360 Media, an upstart video company launching what some are saying could be the most significant technological advancement in poker since the hole-card cam.

For the past six weeks, these friends of 10+ years have camped out in a makeshift bunker across the hall from the Amazon room. In addition to powerful computers, video equipment and an all-in-one printer/copier/fax, there’s an air mattress, mini-fridge, and 4-cup coffee-maker — all of which have played a role in bringing their vision to fruition. This is Egelhoff’s fifth Series, Gusman’s first. Taped to the wall by one of their monitors is a letter from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, approving All 360 Media to record limited casino action with these strange cameras the GCB had never before seen.

The device looks something like a studio boom-mike outfitted with a Magic 8-ball at its end. It’s actually a special camera (they have two of them) with 11 different lenses all pointing in different directions, packed into a small black orb, and digitally stitched together to provide a seamless view of an entire poker area. The set-up is so new it doesn’t yet have a name. But it uses the same basic technology that Google Earth deployed to map out the planet … upgraded and customized for watching poker.


Truly Free Poker Party

CardRunners presents …

by , Jul 6, 2010 | 2:21 pm

The poker trainers at CardRunners have given me the week off, apparently. I figured they figured with my recent spurt of run-good in my own 1/2 NL/PLO game (up almost $200 in the past two weeks!) that I had finally learned everything I need to know about poker.

But alas, no, that’s not the case … it’s just that Brian Hastings, Taylor Caby, and the rest are taking the night off today for a party.

When: tonight, Tuesday, 8-11 pm
Where: El Segundo Sol (in the Fashion Show Mall)
Who: for CardRunners pros and people who’ve signed up with
Why: Because poker players sometimes need to chill out and Dan likes to eat and drink for free!

So that’s the plan. I’ll be there. You should be, too. If you’re already signed up for CardRunners via their free or paid poker training services, just show up. (You shoulda gotten something in your email.)

And if you’re not someone they care about turning into a better poker player, become one — and get an invite to the party this way — by signing up for truly free poker training here.

CardRunners Poker Training Video Contest

by , Jun 25, 2010 | 3:59 pm

Our good friends at CardRunners want you to know about a contest they’ve got going … the CardRunners Video Challenge … where you’ve got a chance to show your educational mettle in an effort to win cash and possible side-work.

We’re more than happy to pass on the info, and encourage you to follow your dreams of becoming a Hollywood an internet star by teaching online poker geeks to mathematically extract more money from their less-educated opponents.

CardRunners Is Giving Away Almost 10k In Prizes

CardRunners is going to pony up $5,000 for the best poker video, so if you ever wondered how your poker training teaching skills match up against the competition, now’s your chance.  We’re inviting you to submit the best poker training video at before 11am PT on July 1, 2010 to be eligible for the big payday and an offer to become a CardRunners instructor.

Spielberg. Coppola. You.

Visit CardRunners Video Challenge and submit your soon-to-be famous poker instructional video by following the stated instructions.  Don’t forget to review Tech Support 101 and Lee Pryztula’s Crash Course on Video Making.  It’s gonna be magic, baby.

“First Prize is a Cadillac Eldorado. Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third Prize is you’re fired.” Actually, the real prizes are:

Grand Prize: $5,000 and an offer to become a CardRunners instuctor
Second Place: $2,500
Third Place: $1,000
Fourth Place: $500
Fifth Place: A deluxe poker chip set valued at $175

Cool. Sign up to submit your video here.

CardRunners Presents … Truly Free Poker Training

MDoranD on low-stakes 6-max cash

by , Jun 22, 2010 | 4:06 pm

Wax on, wax off, paint the fence, sand the deck … I’m so ready for some higher stakes action — doing well not totally shitty at the PLO — but for some reason my virtual instructors at CardRunners sent me back to the $25 NL cash tables … to work with low- and micro-stakes specialist Matt Doran. Such bullshit I guess it’s all cool, rethinking the basics. We are playing short-handed, too, which I like … and he gives some valuable reminders on how to think through a weak-tight table that is capable of turning on a dime and doing something ridiculously stupid …

You can’t give up, right?

An hour with MDoranD and you’ll be ready to crane-kick your way through the little kids anywhere. Check this out … it’ just one student (not me) … but his before and after graphs are pretty impressive:

More like this available to you with Free Poker Training

CardRunners Presents … Truly Free Poker Training

mLagoo at the final table

by , Jun 12, 2010 | 11:31 pm

Just because we’re knee deep into World Series boosheet coverage, doesn’t mean we don’t still have time to read books keep up with our semi-private training with the accomplished pros at CardRunners.

This week’s lesson comes from online-tournament star mLagoo — with extra-good info for anyone WSOP-bound. Here he’s at a final table, and teaching us how to read c-betting, the check-min-raise, how to steal blinds with hands like 4-6 suited (hey, that’s my play — i do it ALL the time!), how often you should be trying to steal the blinds (oh, you mean not always?), and dealing with unknowns at the table.

More like this available to you with Truly Free Poker Training

CardRunners Presents …

Low-stakes thinking with Nutedawg

by , Jun 1, 2010 | 6:23 am

Today’s special-for-Pokerati training comes from online poker professor Tim Nuter, aka Nutedawg. He’s apparently not too skilled with the Twitters … but hey, online poker geeks aren’t supposed to be the most social media-y-savvy — nothing matters so long as they know how play short-handed No-Limit Hold’em.

That’s the crux of today’s lesson, with Nutedawg stepping into lower stakes action to show how his thinking applies to 100 NL.

More like this available to you with Truly Free Poker Training

CardRunners Presents …

Advanced-Beginner PLO lessons from LFTV

by , May 17, 2010 | 6:18 am

Yikes, didn’t realize I would need a pen for taking notes … But apparently word is leaking back to CardRunners headquarters in Chicago that I am struggling a bit in PLO. I thought I was getting it all, until I saw this video, actually, and learned just how much I don’t know. My friends at CR want me to work with LFTV on better reading the texture of boards and thus interpreting what opponents’ actions mean on all variety of flops.

LFTV, btw, is short for “learned from TV.” He’s apparently their resident expert in Pot-Limit Omaha education … at least for pre-flop play and subsequent decisions after you see the first three community cards. I can tell he’s a good teacher. But oy, so many numbers … maybe I belong in the remedial class?

Blow up the screen and try to follow along. You, of course, can get even more full-length CardRunners video lessons with