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Re: Jeffrey Pollack Bids Farewell to the WSOP

Wicked Chops Poker Exclusive Video Interview

by , Nov 13, 2009 | 6:19 pm

The folks over at Wicked Chops Poker were lucky enough to get an interview with the outgoing Jeffrey Pollack, now former WSOP Commissioner on Friday. All three parts of the interview are now online, as the interview was held in the Pavillion Ballroom, home of PokerPalooza! earlier this year and what is likely to be part of the larger footprint of the 2010 WSOP:

Watch Interview With Former WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack Part 1 on

Click below for parts 2 and 3.


God Save the Queen-Jack Suited

by , Jul 12, 2009 | 11:59 am

The Brits, seen here assembling a house of cards (outside last week’s PokerPalooza) in the form of Parliament to promote the upcoming WSOP-Europe, clearly have a sense of humour:

Not to sound semi-terroristy, but so woulda loved to see the implosion of this structure, too!

Poker Beat: Pre-main events

by , Jul 3, 2009 | 12:20 pm

It’s the first episode without the Wolfman, but you should still listen as the WSOP media-osos gather outside the Amazon room to discuss $50k HORSE, late registration policies, WSOP parties, PokerPalooza, the big question of whether or not the WSOP is polarizing into varsity and JV divisions, and … the best and worst ideas in play at the 2009 World Series of Poker.

Special pass-bys by Charles Barkley, Mike Tyson, and Oliver Tse … plus the Insider and the Tight Laydown. Dr. Pauly sits in with the crew … and gotta say, as the first episode I’ve ever heard just as a listener, this Poker Beat thing is a pretty good show!

The Poker Beat
Caldwell, McGwire, Wise, Nemeth, Stapleton

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WSOP Transition Day

by , Jul 1, 2009 | 6:31 pm

That’s what’s happening here … new faces showing up, old faces showing up, events coming to a close, PokerPalooza getting set up, parties every night … all in preparation for what the rest of the world calls “the World Series” … and what we call “the main event”.

Oh, my, and I almost forgot about Ante Up for Africa … plausibly the biggest charity event in all of poker for the entire year — with tons of Hollywood celebs and presumably real bona-fide non-poker paparazzi and an after-party that lots of people want to get into.

We’ll be sure to bring you coverage of something, in some way … but what, I’m not so sure. As you may or may not have heard, I’ve suffered an injury, which you can see below (watch the guy on the right):

Peter Eastgate to Re-gift His Eco-Table for Charity

by , Jun 24, 2009 | 6:39 pm

The WSOP is almost over. At least the first part is. It concludes with $50k HORSE, which starts Friday. From there, the main event is a whole different animal. And during that transition you have all sorts of other activities, such as PokerPalooza — the new-and-improved Gaming Life Expo, where, minus the off-shore online sites, you can expect pretty much the bulk of the for-profit and non-profit poker industry to be on display. Click below for a little extra info on what’s in store.

Last year, Peter Eastgate received a bit of an overlay for winning the main event … an EGM Green poker table — made from 100 percent environmentally righteous materials (valued at $5,000) by a company whose mission seems to be outfitting casinos with products that help it earn whatever bonus goes along with LEED certification. Eastgate got one of these tables last year as a gift, but he hasn’t opened it yet, and it’s being shipped back to the WSOP so the felt can be autographed (using non-toxic Sharpies?) and silent-auctioned off with proceeds going to a yet-to-be-determined Eastgate-favored charity.