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All-Star Players

The Poker Beat

by , Mar 30, 2010 | 3:50 am

If you missed it last week, The Poker Beat crew gathered via Skype to talk some poker legal news … Carlos Mortenson’s WPT domination (and where he stands overall in the poker) … and we invite folks via the Poker Road Forums to compete with us for a piece of our TPB prop bet picking the likely 20 to make the WSOP TOC.

NOTE: I predict 146 players in the WPT-Bucharest main event … turned out to be 161.

The Poker Beat

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Click below for my picks for the most-of-20 prop bet. And click here to submit your own and give yourself a chance at nabbing a piece of our prize pool.


Second Season, New Network for Poker2Nite

+ Sebok prop bet update

by , Feb 24, 2010 | 3:09 pm

Poker2Nite inked a deal for a second season of the poker-news-talk-variety show presented by, featuring Scott Huff, Joe Stapleton, and Joe Sebok. After a start-up run on FoxSports — and seen regularly on Pokerati — season 2 will run for 12 episodes on the Versus network … Versus was formerly the Outdoor Life Network before rebranding itself as a sports and lifestyle channel in late 2008. This seems to be in line with their development of slightly non-traditional sports programming.

We’ll see how any new embedding options work, and what else may or may not change with the new channel. But glad to see the industry still able to support two semi-independent poker television news shows … the other, of course, being ESPNs The Inside Deal presented by PokerStars.

The new season begins on Wednesday, March 3, supposedly at 11 pm … though I am thinking that must be Eastern Time since the Cox Las Vegas listings say it airs at 8 pm and re-airs on Fridays at 2:30 pm. Channel 38.

And a little bubbling-under semi-related to the show … Cohost Sebok says he tried to buy out of his face-tattoo prop bet with Gavin Smith and Jeff Madsen, but they wouldn’t accept … which you know how that works … makes him the odds-on favorite to win the permanent lasts-longer bet for the LAPC main event.

Passport Poker

by , Nov 27, 2009 | 9:09 am

I like PokerNews’ globetrotting on-camera chick Gloria Balding’s Top 5 thingies

This go-round she tackles some of the challenges of international travel that are unique to poker players jetsetting into and out of action … and specifically the need for a good poker face when moving through Customs.

Brandon Cantu Tasered

by , Nov 20, 2009 | 3:49 pm

I gotta say, @Phil_Hellmuth really is turning into one of the best poker reporters out there … I read his blog, follow his tweets and generally occasionally love his vids; you can tell he is actively working on his 21st-century media game.

Most recently, at his own TASER Foundation charity tourney in Phoenix — the biggest high-society charity poker shindig of the year in Arizona — he was there to report on Brandon Cantu’s being shot with a taser gun … Cantu was paying off a prop-bet he lost at last year’s event with Clonie Gowen.

Damn, ouch … but cool … didn’t realize you could bounce back so quickly from those things.

BTW, an extra-funny … @DonkeyBomber was there as one of the “star poker players” who help make the event extra fun for the Big Charity donors who play … but even on his home turf, our favorite business-exec-turned-author-turned-2007-WSOP-POY-turned-struggling-poker-pro is no Layne Flack or even Roy Winston:


WSOPick: Joe Cada

Really, he’s been my guy all along

by , Nov 9, 2009 | 1:55 pm


For a good bio, check out this good old-fashioned newspaper article about Joe Cada, the reigning poker hero of Metro Detroit … written before they knew he’d be the one playing heads-up against Darvin Moon. It’s been a wild ride, he says, since making the November Nine — one that ended with a $150k losing streak leading up to the big dance.

Here’s an interview PokerStars did with “the kid” (now “the comeback kid” in Stars parlance) — who started his career as on all-American online pro at age 18 shortly before the start of this weekend’s great-big sit-n-go:

Coulda told you all along he was gonna win it. (I know he hasn’t yet, but still …) Looking back at some emails with The Poker Beat crew (we were tossing around the idea of an on-air prop-bet) … sure enough, Cada was the dude I picked! Joey Stapleton apparently saw something in “the kid”, too:

(Note: You don’t see the other guys’ picks because I mucked things up by showing mine to soon. I also thought Darvin Moon’s name was “Garvin” at the time.)


Tao of Pokerati

by , | 5:13 am

As the November 9->2 comes to a close, Pauly and I evaluate the make-up (TV- and industry-wise) of the Final Three … and when Antoine Saout goes down, a double-crushed Benjo finds himself baffled by Joe Cada yet still tickled that his countryman’s play allowed him to lock himself in a giant room for 17+ hours to witness this final table spectaculaire.

Episode 7: The Final 3

Episode 8: Wave the Flag

For seriously the best summary of what went down yesterday, it’s all there at Tao of Poker

Phil Ivey being Phil Ivey

by , Oct 7, 2009 | 3:07 am

Not to get all Lady Gaga over Phil Ivey … but seriously, the dude who’s only the third-biggest tournament winner in history seldom speaks to anyone not engaged in some sort of gamble with him for more than 30 seconds at a time. But he sat down for nearly 9 minutes with and tells what it took to develop his game (15-16 hrs/day, 4-5 yrs), how rough it is to make it as a pro, bankroll management, the importance of Bobby’s Room during the WSOP, his bracelet prop-bet odds, November Nine preparation, etc.

via PokerNews

Phil Hellmuth on the Economy

“It’s been kind of painful cash-wise for a whole year here.”

by , Sep 30, 2009 | 5:06 am

He’s not broke, he swears, but he is, like everyone, way more money-minded than before … because he has to be! You have no idea how much a prop bet against Phil Ivey can affect the price of a barrel of oil.

Phil Hellmuth sat down for an hour with the other day (an hoouuurrr), and while most of it’s gag-worthy, I did find his explanation of bankroll management and his personal cash sitch interesting:

He really really really wants you to buy his stuff at

$40k WSOP Event on ESPN

by , Aug 2, 2009 | 11:37 pm

I’m watching it, for the first time. ESPN just did the sidebar piece on Justin Bonomo’s prop bet on one of the 40something players living in Panorama Towers winning a bracelet. (Does anyone know if he won that bet? I’m sure Panorama Towers had at least as many final tables as Denmark.) Greg Raymer just busted out … Norman Chad’s same ole shtick seems fresh, not tired … and the poker itself is good.

I gotta say, like the way the 2009 season is starting … I could see a few people getting hooked during a weekend marathon. Go ESPN. I think my reluctance to give a shit about first airings might say more about an evolving desire to watch TV podcast-style, at one’s own convenience, than it does about non-excitement for what is clearly a great poker show. Well shot, well edited.

MORE: The cutover to the Champions Invitational … with Raymer coming over after busting out in third, to take a seat amongst a bunch of recognizable-to-grandma champions … nice! Seriously, semi-interested in that tourney now. (If only it had more money at stake.)

RE: November Nine Picks

by , Jul 15, 2009 | 12:37 pm

As you know, Poker Shrink put together a little pool amongst a handful of media making our picks for the final table with 64 players left. Here’s the complete list of who picked whom, and who stands to win the $320 winner-take-all:


November Nine Picks by Pokerati…Two Days Early

by , Jul 14, 2009 | 11:20 am

How smart are we? Wait…That’s a loaded question. Rephrase: How close can we come to predicting the November Nine?

We shall see! The Poker Shrink is putting the poker media to the test by encouraging our degeneracy asking us to bet on our picks for the November Nine. With 64 players remaining, some media members are picking our favorites/randoms to go all the way over the next two days at the WSOP. Who are we to shy away from a challenge?

Jen’s Picks:

Dennis Phillips
Phil Ivey
Billy Kopp
Ben Lamb
Ludovic Lacay
Leo Margets
Tom Schneider
Nick Maimone
Andrew Lichtenberger

Dan’s Picks:

Phil Ivey
Tom Schneider
Tommy Vedes
Antonio Esfandiari (Go Iran!)
Ludovic Lacay
Eugene Katchalov
Ben Lamb
Andrew Lichtenberger
James Akenhead

Kevin’s picks:

Billy Kopp
Phil Ivey
Jeff Shulman
Eugene Katchalov
Tom Schneider
Andrew Lichtenberger
Jeff Duvall
Nick Maimone
Ludovic Lacay

Surprise WSOP Sighting

by , Jul 11, 2009 | 4:05 pm

Seen on a coffee table in Pokerstarzistan’s WSOP embassy (aka Joe Hachem’s “Champion’s Lounge”) … a new edition of All In Magazine (where I got my poker-media start):

Huh. We kinda figured “the world’s leading poker magazine” had lost the All-In lasts-longest bet to the energy drink. I guess not. Expect some reverse payouts in a few dead-or-alive props, too.

A Smidgen of Ivey Insight

by , | 7:17 am

Phil Ivey, as we know, may be the most marketable player in poker, yet he seems to be settling in to his role as multi-bracelet, camera-dodging recluse. Thus far succeeding at keeping himself off the ESPN featured table until November — when really, he’ll have no say — he looks to be a real main event threat, sitting pretty going into Day 4 with 341,000 chips. That’s kinda what today’s all about — to see who’s really here to play, or more precisely, contend.

Tina from PokerRoad tracked him down in his private RV while he was on dinner break of Day 2b, when he had less than half that many chips, and got a minute with him where he explained why he played fewer tourneys in the latter stretch of the WSOP … and acknowledges that yes, he coughed back at least one of his big bracelet bets on the $50k HORSE:

Dream Team Over/Under Numbers

by , Jul 8, 2009 | 9:00 pm

They were at 152 teams as of about five hours ago registered for the July 12-13 Dream Team Poker event. This makes it already the largest Dream Team event ever, already …granted it will be only their third, but still …

I think for the Caesar’s tourney a few months ago, they had about 95 pre-regs, and ended up with something like 144 teams total. By that math, it looks like it should be a pretty close call on the over/under of 300 … but I still like the over.

Working toward that side is that it’s such a fun, relatively inexpensive event that only takes one person to really want to play in it for them to get three players. Working against: a lot of folks want to get the hell out of Vegas (and specifically the Rio) as soon as they (or their home game loved ones) bust from the main event.

WSOP Main Event: Field Size Speculation and Day 1 Choice EV

by , Jul 3, 2009 | 10:35 am

Today is the first day of the 2009 main event. I’m sticking to my guns and saying the field size will be anywhere from 3,000-12,000 and offering 10:1 odds on anything outside of that. Just made a wager on the over for 5,000 … easy. Anyone else wanna offer that line? Seriously, it’s such a wild guessing game, and yet in the end, why do I think it’s gonna be just a few hundred less or just a few hundred more than last year’s main event field of 6,844? People can get their money off of PokerStars, right?

Meanwhile, Team Pokerati final tableist Gregg Merkow won his main event seat last night … and now is trying to figure out the differences between Day 1A-1D:
via Facebook

Winner winner chicken dinner won my seat to the main event in mega sat. today but can’t decide what day to play fri,sat,sun or mon.

Good question. Though as Kevin points out the numbers will likely differ noticeably as the 96 hours that constitute Day 1 progress, is there really a difference in the types of fields you can expect on each day? One more donkey-filled than another, for example (and is that a good or bad thing, lol).

Choosing when to play, of course, is the first of many decisions that will be part of someone’s journey toward becoming the winner. But it may also be the least relevant and simply depend on the player and his or her life schedule.