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RE: You Be the Floor

by , Jun 23, 2009 | 12:03 am

The question was: How much can the first person to act come in for in Pot Limit Omaha if the blinds are 5k/10k, and the big blind is all-in for only 5k?

Most seem to believe that in WSOP-branded PLO, a true pot is a true pot, and therefore the answer is 30k. However, according to the decision handed down by TD Steve, it is still 35k, because you count the big blind as complete, lest you wanted to let someone limp for 5k. Most who disagree believd that sure, the minimum should be 10k, but the max would be only 30k. I tracked down the TD in question, and before I had the camera rolling, he acknowledged, “I was wrong.” But he may have just been joking, so I went Bill O’Reilly/local-news ambush journo and forced him to answer the tough question: