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Poker Author makes final table of Ladies event

by , Aug 5, 2008 | 10:34 am

I know it’s been discussed before, but a recent California “ladies” event held at the Bicycle Casino brings back that discussion. I was looking at Pokerpages on Monday and decided had a look at the Legends of Poker series of tournaments to see the latest results. Barbara Enright took down the title, but if you looked at who finished in 7th place (which has been removed) you would have seen poker author John Vorhaus listed. Fortunately the tournament reporter mentioned that Vorhaus, the chip leader going into the final table, “dressed appropriately for the ladies event wearing a red-haired wig and a dress”. Is this how “Killer Poker” is supposed to be played?

I personally don’t understand why men would want to play in a ladies’ event unless they’re either looking for attention, or that they’re so bad at poker they feel their best chance at winning is to play the “weaker” sex. Maybe it was done for a more noble purpose, so I hope the $725 was worth it.

Update: Vorhaus talks about his experience in the event on his blog.

Semi-Live Blogging Day 1c

by , Jul 8, 2007 | 3:51 pm

(Cross-posted from Chris Hanel at Expert Insight.)

Phil, Rafe, and Andy are playing today, and we’ll be updating everyone throughout the day on their progress.

12:22 PM – Cards are in the air. Rafe’s way back in the corner in table 2, away from spectators, and Phil’s on the exact opposite side of the room at table 121. Both are feeling upbeat and ready to play cards. Rafe’s gone to great lengths to assure he’s well rested and ready for today, so there’s an extra spring in his step. Expect good things from Team EI today. Still trying to track down Andy. After yesterday’s incident with David Singer, I’ve decided not to try tracking him down by calling him on the phone.