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Mike Sexton to host poker-themed game show

by , Nov 17, 2009 | 12:16 pm

In an update from an earlier post, Mike Sexton has been named the host of “Shuffle Up and Deal”, which will air on MyNetwork TV with a scheduled run of thirteen half-hour episodes airing in 2010 according to Poker News Daily. Sexton’s co-host will be Brandi Williams, best known in poker circles for her appearances on the Ultimate Poker Challenge. The host/commentator of the UPC, Chad Brown, is scheduled to emcee the live version of the show in casinos across the US in 2010.

Houston Poker Raid

by , Feb 10, 2007 | 4:18 pm

A Houston poker game was raided by the 5-0 last night … our H-town correspondent was off in Vegas yesterday (competing in an Ultimate Poker Challenge Ladies event), but she is now rushing back to the home office to get the real dirt have dinner with her kids.

Developing …

More info TK.

Text-by-Text Tourney Coverage

by , Dec 12, 2006 | 10:30 am

LAS VEGAS–Let’s be honest, I haven’t done shit tournament-wise throughout the entirety of 2006 … can’t remember the last time I cashed, and like seriously, what-da-fug’s a final table? And yet, somehow, the $300+40 “main event” of the Ultimate Poker Challenge at Binion’s on Sunday (not to be confused with Saturday’s $600+60 UPC Main Event, which was down to its final table of seven on the nearby TV stage) was my first tournament with a backer. CardPlayer wasn’t there to cover any of it, nor were any bloggers. But plenty of cowboys in town for the National Finals Rodeo were milling about. I noticed only one recognizable pro, and maybe two guys I think I’ve seen in Dallas before or maybe somewhere else and one player who apparently knew me, but anyhow, for multiple reasons I really wanted to do well. Here’s how it all shook down that gloriously brisk poker day, as relayed via the magic of digital telegram:

Dan M (12/10/06 3:15 pm): Ready to roll!

Como (12/10/06 3:27 pm): Sweet keep me updated!

Dan M (12/10/06 3:30 pm): Skinny asian kId Just mistook me 4 Carlos morteNson. Told him No Autographs right now.
[ed. note: not completely true]

Como (12/10/06 3:34 pm): Lol that’s worth the entry fee, its a freeroll now!

Jen (12/10/06 3:56 pm): Play well and good luck. luv u

Dan M (12/10/06 5:35 pm): Slightly below average at break. Shawo rice is only pro i have seen. [sic.]

Como (12/10/06 5:38 pm): Cool keep it up!

Dan M (12/10/06 6:56 pm): Slightly above average stack. 80 left. Level 6. Best hands have been 44 Aq aq ak.
[correction: 67 were left at this point]

Como (12/10/06 6:57 pm): Sweet how many pay?
[ed. note: 10 — about $10k for 1st, $500 for 10th]

TBR (12/10/06 7:23 pm): How many started?

Dan M (12/10/06 7:26 pm): 96 Started. 60 left. I have 3/4 avg. Stack. Damn hammer.

Dan M (12/10/06 8:16 pm): Super cold deck. Then a j. flop a j. tt calls. t on turn=super short stack.

Como (12/10/06 8:18 pm): Yuck! Keep grinding !

Dan M (12/10/06 8:21 pm): M=4. Push 89s. called by AK. 35Th ish place. Sorry Como. You suck at Picking horses.

Como (12/10/06 8:25 pm): Na sounds like you played good all you can do. plus its pretty cool someone thought you were carlos but you should have signed an autograph that would have been

Re: Wish Me Luck / Please Advise

by , Dec 10, 2006 | 5:16 pm

LAS VEGAS–OK, I’ve decided to play in the Ultimate Poker Challenge $300+40 event — headed to Binion’s now. While these vigs are getting pretty ridiculous in poker, I still will try to win it. (Thanks for the various heads-ups, readers!) I should have no problem doing better than I did in yesterday’s WPBT, where I played like garbage and finished accordingly.