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Hollywood Juice

by , Nov 18, 2007 | 11:39 pm

Brace yourselves – celebrities have not been playing poker and talking about it lately. The gossip columns are too busy watching Brittany Spears flirt with life/career/family disaster to focus on who’s been playing poker. Priorities, people!

Speaking of priorities, the writers’ strike is continuing, and many TV show productions have already shut down. Though there are secret talks rumored to be happening, no clear end is in sight. To find out more about the strike, check out United Hollywood. Keep in mind that without the writers, you’ll get more shows like Dancing With the Stars. Think about that.

Survivor ChinaThe biggest news of late has been the elimination of Jean-Robert Bellande from Survivor: China on CBS. He was eliminated in ninth place but wasn’t put on a plane back to U.S. soil right away; he remains on the show as a part of the jury that will ultimately vote to award one person the $1 million prize. In his exit interview, he says he realized that he may have pushed all-in too early, but he was playing to win. (Writer’s note: Now that Jean-Robert is gone, go James!)

For those who watched it, what did you think of Bellande’s play, aside from the random corny poker references?

Wil WheatonSome of you may remember Wil Wheaton from Star Trek: The Next Generation – or even further back from the film Stand By Me, but he has also played a role in poker over the past few years – playing and blogging. Aside from still being active in various TV shows and films, he has also self-published a book called “The Happiest Days of Our Lives.” Reviews are good, and the hardcover was just released with 300 autographed copies available. Get ‘em while you can!

In other news, Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are still married. We all know it can’t last long, so the tabloids (and me) are awaiting the filing of divorce papers. Yes, that’s an assumption, and I’m a notoriously bad prop bettor, but does anyone really want to challenge me on this?