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WSOP News-house

by , Jun 5, 2010 | 9:33 pm

There’re lots of WSOP-videos out there … enjoyed the Degen Report on RawVegas, you know … we’ll continue to show you the best ones we stumble across. (And feel free to tip us off if you see something you particularly like.)

One that seems totally click-worthy for those looking to digest a full WSOP-day before the boss peaks over the cube wall is PokerListings’ WSOP Live! — a daily video wrap-up of hedlines and surrounding personalities covering the annual poker period where all of Las Vegas, not just the Rio, caters to our ilk:

In totally absolutely not-not-related news, the dudes at Listings have an awesome house not too far from Pokerati headquarters (and the Rio) with a pool, a huge yard for a dog to run/roll/sniff around in, a solid wi-fi connection, and an unlocked back gate. (Thanks guys! Sorry about the poop.)

Man wins WSOP Circuit Ladies’ Event

by , Nov 15, 2009 | 8:05 am

photo: IMPDI/

Greg Sessler: WSOP Lake Tahoe Transgender Champion.

The current stop for the WSOP Circuit series of tournaments is currently in Lake Tahoe, with their $5,000 Main Event starting on Sunday. On Saturday, a field of 96 took part in the $340 Ladies’ Event, including four men who decided to enter the event. Greg Sessler, a 22-year old student at UC-Davis, was the last man standing, along with the one who had all the chips at the end of the tournament, taking down almost $10,000. More details from Nolan Dalla’s tournament report:


RE: BF in Tunica

by , Oct 1, 2006 | 3:54 am

They’re down to 17 in the $1,500 NLH event. Todd is sitting with 29k, compared to an average stack of 38k. He says: [emphasis added]

—–Original Message—–
From: Todd Phillips
Sent: Sun Oct 01 03:33:47 2006
Subject: Still Alive-ish

Thanks to Tulsa and TBRs reporting, you know I’m hanging in the tunica tourney. You have to finish in top 8 or so for any real money, so I’ll need to double up early tomorrow. My last double up came when I moved all-in with Q9(the comstock) on the button after it was folded around to me. The big blind made a very good and expensive call with KJ(the Shane). I felt relief as everyone knows that comstock always defeats Shane. So, after a jack flopped, I wasn’t surprised to see runner runner club to make my Q high flush. The qualility of play and the quality of people playing has been spectacular… Something I’m not used to in Dallas. We resume at 2PM tomorrow. I’m going to go to bed now. As always, go batfaces.

RE: 60 Minutes

by , Sep 17, 2006 | 10:25 pm

LAKE TAHOE, NV–Am off to eat and drink with a bunch of dealers. So much I forgot to tell you all about. Be sure to check out PokerBlog to read my live-blogging of the 60 Minutes episode and the end of the WSOP Circuit main event. Maybe later I can tell you about my glorious $2/$3 action (with mixed results), my 15 minutes of blackjack, my great-then-terrible tournament play.

Oh, and I “hired” Gonz and have a new life. I hope the government doesn’t ruin it. More later.

No-Limit Stud?

by , Sep 12, 2006 | 1:43 pm

LAKE TAHOE, NV–So I did play yesterday (sorry, Dad, got your email too late). And it really was an interesting tournament — specifically because it was the first in history (at least as far as WSOP events are concerned) to play Stud in a no-limit fashion. It wasn’t as hard as it seemed … in fact, even though it removed so much Super/Systemy math, it kinda made the stud hands easier. I think. Not sure I’m the right one to say. I lasted well into the third level … which was good enough to make me the second person eliminated overall.

(In a 47-player field.)

One thing I did like was starting the blinds at 10/25 in the NLH portion.

Oh, and by the way … did you know that in WSOP Circuit events, they are now only giving the rings for main event winners? So really the preliminary events are no different than the second-chance tourneys. Probably for the rest — rings are stupid.

I think I’ll play in the World Series Today

by , Sep 11, 2006 | 12:40 pm

LAKE TAHOE, NV–So the WSOP Circuit event here in Lake Tahoe is pretty laid back. Not a recognizable pro in site, yet … just one guy wearing a Full Tilt Poker hat.

Anyhow, today’s event is a $300+40 (holy vig!) NLH/7-stud combo event. I think I’m going to play. Starts in about an hour and a half.

Even though my only experience in Stud is on the Playstation, I think switching between games every 20 minutes might do my brand of No-Limit Hold’em right. You know … I’ll accumulate chips and then be forced to slow down.

Should be interesting. 40-minute levels … with 2,000 starting chips and blinds starting at 10/25.

UPDATE: Or, I’m kinda tired. Perhaps I’d be better off trying to satellite into the next $500 NLH event? I could give it six goes and spend less money for a potentially bigger payout. Thoughts?