RE: 60 Minutes

by , Sep 17, 2006 | 10:25 pm

LAKE TAHOE, NV–Am off to eat and drink with a bunch of dealers. So much I forgot to tell you all about. Be sure to check out PokerBlog to read my live-blogging of the 60 Minutes episode and the end of the WSOP Circuit main event. Maybe later I can tell you about my glorious $2/$3 action (with mixed results), my 15 minutes of blackjack, my great-then-terrible tournament play.

Oh, and I “hired” Gonz and have a new life. I hope the government doesn’t ruin it. More later.

2 Comments to “RE: 60 Minutes”

  1. Sang

    fuck it Dan if the U.S. market goes belly up then Asia bro, Asia. And I’m not talking about the mid eighties band, I’m talking the freaking continent. There’s already a beaucoup trade deficit, all the money is in the far east, that’s where the real wild west is at. I’ve got cousins in the S.Korean military, stocks for guns and we sell the hardware to Columbian drug lords for mucho profit. When the dust clears I predict we own 30% of downtown Macau is ours. I’ve really have got to get life.

  2. jen

    If the government ruins it I’m off to Asia with Sang and the South Korean military.