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Team Pokerati Follows

by , Jun 1, 2009 | 3:55 pm

We apparently badge ’em up good … they’re playing hand-for-hand, just a few spots away from the money in the $1,000 Stimulus NLH, and yet another Pokerati preferred player is properly representin’. Cliff Fisher, aka @brdpoker, is an IT specialist from Dallas playing in his first ever WSOP bracelet event. He ended Day 1 last night by more than doubling up when he called a reasonable raise with pocket 2s, flopped a set, and got it all in to eliminate his opponent’s top-pair-top-kicker with AK.

That brought him to 39,300 chips (comfortably above average). Despite his personal efforts not to succumb to superstition, he credits his success to the Pokerati patch: “As soon as I put this thing on, I started running like ultimate Goodness,” Cliff said.

Though he did decide to change his shirt for Day 2, he did keep the patch on to start today, and sure enough, he’s up to 56,100 chips (avg. stack about 30,000) as they cross into the money.

Follow Cliff throughout the day on twitter.

CORRECTION: Cliff did not change his shirt.

Meanwhile, @shoegal5225 also began displaying her Pokerati patch in a way we’re plenty happy to see … and sure enough, upon doing so, she won her satellite:

WSOPeople: Thang Luu

by , | 12:35 am

Thang Luu (pronounced “Tang”) just took down the $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo … and while normally an Asian dude winning a smallish mixed game bracelet would hardly merit more than polite applause, this win is truly impressive because Luu won the same event in 2008, and took second place in its nearest equivalent — $2,000 OHL — in 2007.

The last player to do something similar — booking back-to-back same-event bracelets — was Johnny Chan, who won the WSOP main event in 1987 and 1988 … and then took 2nd place in 1989.

ALT HED: Luu, Thang Clan Ain’t Nothin’ Ta Fu-k Wit

UPDATE: I wasn’t entirely correct about Johnny Chan. Yes, he was the last one to get two 1sts and a 2nd in three years, but here’s the complete list of back-to-back WSOP champions:

Johnny Moss — $10,000 World Championship (1970-1971)
Lakewood Louie — $5000 Limit 5-Card Draw High (1978-1979)
Bones Berland — $500 7-Card Stud (1978-1979)
Doyle Brunson — $10,000 World Championship (1976-1977)
Stu Ungar — $10,000 World Championship (1980-1981)
Johnny Chan — $10,000 World Championship (1987-1988)
Susie Issacs — $1000 Women’s Seven-Card Stud (1996-1997)
Nani Dollison — $1,000 Women’s Mixed Stud/Hold’em (2000-2001)
Thang Luu — $1,500 Omaha High-Low Split (2008-2009)

NOTE: Be sure to read the comments for the “more complete” list of back-to-back champions.

WSOP to Open Online Poker Room,
Harrah’s (Interactive) Moving to Montreal

by , May 29, 2009 | 6:53 pm

Not a big deal at all, I’m sure … just a little report about a new company coming to Canada — Harrah’s. The new CEO of Harrah’s Interactive Entertainment, Mitch Garber, will be setting up shop in his old hometown of Montreal … which, of course, is kinda like a suburb of the Kahnawake (Online Poker) Nation.

Furthermore, it seems to be less and less of a secret that the WSOP, which retakes control of its own website later this year and not too long ago successfully fought a court battle for control of, has plans to take its brand of poker tables online.

From the Montreal Gazette:

Harrah’s agreed that he could manage the World Series of Poker teams already in Las Vegas and England out of a Montreal office and still focus on growing the 40-year-old Vegas-based competition.

“There is a hunger for World Series of Poker events, like PGA golf, with events taking place everywhere, whether it is Moscow, Montreal, Rome. Our intent is to deal with government and licensing authorities in every jurisdiction to grow the World Series of Poker,” he said yesterday.

Garber already has a Montreal office in the core of the city and about 10 people, mostly business-development types, working there. Should all go according to plan, the office will expand to “hundreds” of people, mostly customer-service employees and a scattering of Web designers.

The business plan has two main goals, said Garber, who has invested “substantially” in the privately held Harrah’s.

The first is “to offer online gaming in the U.K. and potentially elsewhere in Europe where it is legal and government-licensed.”

WSOPeople: @donkeybomber

by , May 26, 2009 | 1:29 pm

Be happy you’re not on Tom Schneider’s mass email list. If you were, you’d get far too much mal-informed conservative propaganda, stories easily disprovable via, and the occasional funny potty-humor vid. Anyhow, this year Pokerati’s favorite alumni-blogger-made-good is jumping on the Twitter bandwagon … you know, along with everyone else.

(In fact, check out our new little Twitter toy here at Pokerati … or shall I say @Pokerati? We’ll explain to you how it all works once we figure it out ourselves.)

Click below to see/make fun of the 2007 WSOP Player of the Year explaining to his friends and family how he, as an “early adopter” of Twitter will be able to infrequently update people he cares about in a way where he doesn’t have to really deal with them: