The Pokerati Correspondent Player Rankings

by , Mar 26, 2007 | 1:36 am

Determined subjectively by me:

1. The Big Randy
2. Donkey Bomber
3t. Fresh Princess
3t. Karridy
5. DanM
6. Lavigne in Austin

Will establish rules, criteria, and prize as we go along.

  • Insane. Last time I check, Michelle and Tom were the ones making WSOP and WPT final tables.

  • I should probably be 10th or something.

  • Yes, but they haven’t made it past a Day 1 in 2007. This is “of the year.” Dude, congratulations.

    As to Lavigne’s 10th … dude, there are only six people on this blog who post. 6-max.

  • Karridy

    I agree with SnG’s verbal response to this, “[We] should play 5 online SnG’s and let the points do the talking”. Don’t take this as me saying that I’m anything less than trilled to share a spot with somebody so hot. ..err… I mean good.

  • i stand by my 10th anyway.

  • Ed

    When is the next Pokerati Online Invitational? Bodog is friendly and loves our money…we can do it there. I would be able to make it even if I was sick and stuck at home!


  • Uhhhh, I just got lucky.

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  • Dan,

    You ignorant slut. Are you crazy? No way I should be on top of the Princess. She can play. However, I would like to have a little game with the bottom 3 on your list. Karridy is in some hypnotic slump, you, well I don’t need to comment much more than your posting of your horrible beats you’ve been taking with the 8-4 hands. Last but not least, would love to play with Lasagna. I would eat him up.

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