And the winner ringer is …

by , Jan 23, 2006 | 2:41 am

All things considered, it seems only appropriate that the winner of the Pokerati Invitational was a guy who came to town to promote his new poker-related book. (Get it? Pokerati … literati … we love the confluence of poker and words.)

So big ups to Tom Schneider, semi-accomplished poker pro, author of Oops, I Won Too Much Money — and now defending PI Champion/King.

Tom will be speaking tonight at Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House as part of the Addison Author Lecture Series.

UPDATE: Full results here.

7 Comments to “And the winner ringer is …”

  1. Tulsa

    Congrats, Tom, and thanks for the kind words on Saturday. You deserved the win and good luck on the book tour!

    p.s.: Dan, you’re an idiot.

  2. DanM

    Apparently Tulsa is the new Gonz.

    [Insert sperm joke here.]

  3. Thum

    Thanks for letting us know who won. When are we playing heads up again? Need money.

  4. Tulsa

    Look, if Gonz isn’t gonna post, one of us has to make like an angry Mexican and type random assholish comments.

    [I am on FIE-RUH today!]

  5. Fawcett

    Thum you can come to my house for heads up…

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