Bad Flop Alert

by , Jun 23, 2006 | 2:10 am

I should be working (or cleaning) right now … but instead I am watching Full Tilt Pro Showdown — an awesome live-tourney/infomercial. Seven Full Tilt pros … competing for a $1 million prize pool. (With four left and three to get paid, Clonie’s the chip leader .. and her hair looks GREAT!) I love watching “live” poker! Who knew seeing pros fold mediocre hands could be so invigorating?

But two things are confusing me … one is the buy-in. I think it’s a freeroll for the Full Tilt players … but Howard Lederer (the announcer) keeps referencing some $120,000. But that would just be too big! Surely he’s referring to the third-place payout, right? (Nope, they just said third place “gets their nut back.” Can’t be … just can’t … but what is Full Tilt trying to convince us of here?)

The second thing is the flop … yet another poker event on TV with the first three cards being revealed one at a time. Looks like Matt Savage is the tourney director, which would mean they are probably using those computer-coded cards again, which require singular flopping. Either way … this live broadcast is a sign that poker continues to change.

3 Comments to “Bad Flop Alert”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    The “buyin” was $120k with the other $160k “added” by Full Tilt.

  2. Gonz

    I watched the WHOLE show. Two things to say:

    1.) Clonie played extremely well. Her undoing came when they were four-handed and she was forced to fold pocket 5s after Seidel went all in and Matusow raised with A-9. Had she stayed in, she would have won the pot (neither Seidel nor Matusow made a hand), but there was no way she could have known she was best there. Chip-wise, she just never recovered after that. But that’s Ok, because she made some outstanding plays. On a number of occasions Lederer commented on how well she was playing and marveled at some of the perfectly-timed, aggressive moves that made her the chip leader for much of the night. Well done, Clonie, you earned a lot of respect.

    2.) Her hair did, in fact, look good.

  3. DanM

    Still, Clonie spent the whole show talking about bankroll management. Under that premise, she should have a few million in the bank before spending $120k to play in a single-table tourney against some of the top pros in the world. (talk about bad game selection!)

    Clonie has drunkenly revealed her private bankroll data to me before … and even if I use the high figure, it still wouldn’t make $120k a sensible buy-in. Maybe it’s like part of their Full tilt salaries … but players are required to put up $120 of it into ths TV tourney.

    Just the way even Howard was talking about the buy-in … something didn’t add up.