by , Jul 10, 2006 | 7:29 am

LAS VEGAS–So much has been going on while you were away it’s just sick:

ITALY wins the World Cup, and MAX PESCATORI wins the World Series.

They stop the LADIES EVENT at 26 players. LA SENGPHET from DALLAS (right, having fun stacking her mountains of chips) is 5th in chips. Playing very focused, semi-relaxed, with active support and coaching from SUBWAY JOHN and PLATINUM BETH.

STEVE HALL loves this event more than CHRISTMAS.

The weather here is strange — it rains three of the past four afternoons. Brief shower then hell-hot heat resumes.

JEN LEO takes the day off from blogging to compete on POKERDOME. Still have yet to hear the results, but that probably has little to do with the cone of silence.

Congrats to F-TRAIN, who won the bloggers tourney at CAESAR’S PALACE on Saturday. Maddest props to APRIL and HEATHER for pulling it all together.

JAY GREENSPAN read from his forthcoming book, and chastised me for my shortish-stack strategy of LIMP-FOLDING. He also wrote a great piece about (more than) playing WSOP cash games with a TEXAS player stuck $70k.

Shockingly, I have yet to play a single hand of BLACKJACK while in VEGAS. But I have played IGGY in ROSHAMBO for $100 (we chopped the pot after some 15 throws) and won $1 from PAULY in prop bets.

THE BATFACES return to DALLAS, with many good stories to tell. (Only BALLENGER returns with the unequivocal support of his backer.)

The COPAG cards being used in the cash games are getting really beat up. Dealers and players are hard-pressed to find a deck without indentations.

At least one new kid on the poker-media block is a pretty good writer. Check out his stuff, enjoy the cool opening-line thingy, laugh a bit … then feel inspired to slap him silly.

5 Comments to “Insta-wsop”

  1. Robert Sanchez

    Hey Dan I will see you at the main event I just won my seat last night on porkerstars.

  2. donkeypuncher

    Twas a pleasure meeting you.

    I won $50 betting on Iggy in Roshambo duels. Almost paid for all my beer tips during Saturday’s tourney!

  3. Gonz

    Totally untrue…Tulsa has my full and unwavering support…

  4. DanM

    Cool. You thus owe him $2,500.

  5. TFB

    “The large woman sat and quietly contemplated what the small asian woman would taste like with some fingerling potatoes and drawn butter”