Poker Weather

by , Jul 4, 2006 | 7:03 pm

LAS VEGAS–Early this AM it was unusually stormy here in V-town. Like big rain drops and thunder and loud-cracking lightning. I was back at Rounder Club West, and couldn’t help but wonder if the people still playing poker even had a clue.

Today is overcast and relatively pleasant outside. Not cool … but not deathly hot. Inside the Rio poker room, however, is apparently another story.

Fat man in the outdoor bathroom area: They should put tables out here and run satellites for people who want to be comfortable.
DanM: Um, yeah, that would be good.
FM: It’s like 60 fuckin’ degrees inside. So fuckin’ cold.
DM: Oh yeah?
FM: I was down to heads-up — I had like a big chip lead — and I asked the other guy if he wanted to chop. He said he never chops, but hell yeah, it’s so cold he just wants to get out of there!
DM: Huh.
FM [running waddling back inside]: Yeah, they should have sit-n-gos outside.

UPDATE: The sun has come out.


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