Rebuy Mania

by , Jul 24, 2006 | 9:47 am

LAS VEGAS–In yesterday’s $1,000 NLH with rebuys, Daniel Negreanu supposedly rebought 48 times. (How do you even have time to rebuy that often during the rebuy period?) Apparently, part of his strategy to put as many chips on his table as possible — without giving away any sorta tells in the process — entailed raising blind, and when reraised, moving all-in … still without looking at his cards.

With this strategy, Negreanu coulda made the final table and still lost money. But he did not make the final table. So instead of losing $2k, he loses the full $48/49k.

Gregg Merkow only had to rebuy six times. With 73 people left — out of 754 who started — he is in 11th chip position. And with the WSOP coming near its end … only three weeks left! … he is proving to be the Dallas player having the best Series. Four cashes so far, one final table, and a solid Bellagio tourney finish tossed in the mix.

UPDATE: Mike Matusow was in for 21 rebuys (which almost seems paltry now). He busted out just before the bubble. All this kinda makes you wonder who’s really the dead money in this game, no?

5 Comments to “Rebuy Mania”

  1. yuri

    Interesting that the pros whine about amateurs ‘ruining’ the tournament scene and then turn around and do something like what daniel did. Hey, that’s quality poker execution, dannyboy.

  2. Woody

    Especially since Negreanu has gone public with his statements that the WSOP should not have any re-buy events because you “shouldn’t be able to buy a bracelet.” Granted he’s entitled to play within the rules, but it sure doesn’t seem like he’s being true to his philosophy of not being able to buy a bracelet.

  3. DanM

    Maybe he was trying to make a point?

  4. Monster

    Negreanu is risk versus reward oriented. I would imagine that he was either being staked by one of his sponsors or would have recouped all that rebuy money in endorsement money if he made a televised final table. Seeing as he really has no chance of getting anywhere in the Main Event it only makes sense that he has to keep his name on peoples lips somehow. $48K equals a lot of publicity. These so called “Pros” have turned into such media whores anyway.

    You are watching the evolution of poker. The young blood, internet schooled, video game generation is going to run over these “Professionals”. Think about the mentality of this younger generation. They are used to strategy and competition from the first video game they play. Their minds are faster and they are going to be more unpredictable. I am betting that every time Danny Boy rebought there was a young player at that table who saw an opportunity to increase his chip stack. I would love to know how many people from that table cashed. Wonder if anyone kept track of where all those rebuys went.


  5. Ed

    From what Daniel said in his latest video blog the guy to his right got most of the chips.