Little help?

by , Jul 24, 2006 | 10:07 am

I know this is supposed to be a news-oriented blog, so I won’t tell you about my disappointing finish in the $500 event at Foxwoods this weekend (I’ll save that for the other site). Instead, I’ll ask if any of you have heard of, or seen, or used this software or anything like it. Apparently it “accompanies” you on the poker site of your choosing and offers odds, hand calculations, and strategic decisions. The way it’s described, the player barely has to do anything but point and click.

Sounds good if you’re math impaired, but I wonder how well it works. And I’m a bit skeptical about whether these sorts of programs can really assist you in defeating quality players. Not to mention: I can’t imagine that PartyPoker or PokerStars or the rest would be all that thrilled with players having this kind of help/edge when they log-on.

6 Comments to “Little help?”

  1. Ed

    I am sure it is like some of the other calculators out there that work with the poker sites.

    Why would you want to use it anyway? Or do you just want to do a review for folks that might need it to help them out at first?


  2. Magojim

    You can use software to play poker on the web and probably do okay. The problem I see is if it is based upon what cards you have and the decision is then made based on that and that alone, I feel you are missing many opportunity’s. Does the software tell you to ” bluff ” now. Does it make note of the aggressive maniac who raisies every hand and then pops you a raise with nothing? How about learning the opponent. Cards are not what makes you the money. It is playing the players. Knowing when and how to bluff or take a stand. The money is made not based upon some mathematical calculations, although that can determine if I should stay with a raise or call situation, but the money is made when you succesfully begin to use not only math but your inner voice and reading people. People are predictable and habitual. Once you rise above the math then you are well on your way to making a lot of money and not just ” grinding “.

  3. yuri

    The sites will tell you which are prohibted. I’ve trialed several and they can be helpful. Some of it like the odds might be redundant with your already developed abilities but fFunctions that give you an easy reference to what cards players are playing in positions and how often etc can be a decent advantage when making a decision. Especially when you can see that info on the overlay.

  4. Gonz


    Yeah, I don’t really want/need to use it, I was just curious. Kinda like, I don’t need to use Viagra, but I wonder if it actually works…

  5. DanM

    Gonz, welcome back to Pokerati. Your first post on the new v. 3.0, and people actually seem to give a shit about what you have to say.

    Shocking. Delightful, but shocking.

  6. Gonz


    Crazy, I know. But don’t get used to it: Soon, I will return to yelling wildly about things that people don’t really care about.

    Also: Fuck off.