Rusty Tourney Play

by , Jul 3, 2006 | 2:16 am

LAS VEGAS–Was killing some time here, er … doing investigative reporting on the Second Chance tourney system. These are great events in terms of payout, but tough because you start with only 1,000 chips. My very first hand was KK. They worked out OK for me. My next hand didn’t go so well … On the turn I meant to make a feeler-stealer bet of 200 … but I accidentally threw in a purple and black … 600. Oops. I had to call the re-raise all-in for 125 more, right? But still, terrible terrible physical chip handling.

The next hand I would get pocket 2s. (Limp-folded.) And then two hands later I’d get pocket 9s … would take down a small pot. And then two hands after that I was looking at — and eventually had to let go of — pocket jacks.

Four pocket pairs in the first orbit. Left me with about 2/3 of my a starting stack.

Hung in there barely playing for a few more orbits, and moved in for 500 chips with A-10. It was a really smart place to make the move — blinds at 25/50, and two limpers in front of me — but then I lost the psychology game when a reasonably stacked and pleasant enough loudmouth (think JJ Evans from Good Times) asked me, “How much you likez yo hand?”

In retrospect I know what I shoulda done (do you?) … but instead I answered with, “I like it enough to go all-in.” That told him all he needed to know, and he called with AJ.

Overall, I got pretty good cards … played them about dead average … Made some clearly fine plays (and laydowns) and a few very obvious mistakes … the results of which have me here … typing to you, instead of still shuffling chips.

Buy-in: $200+25
Cash out: $0
Net: -$225

2 Comments to “Rusty Tourney Play”

  1. Scott Chaffin

    Me, I would have told him I absolutely hated this hand because it never seems to stand up for me.

    So, what’s the real answer?

  2. Tim B.

    personally, id say not a damn thing.