T. Brunson’s Better Side

by , Jul 9, 2006 | 6:46 am

LAS VEGAS–I’ve never been much of a fan of Todd Brunson. I dunno, he just kinda walks around like he’s the son of Doyle or something. And the one time I met him — at his father’s pre-main-event party last year — he made it very apparent that VIP access or not, I was hardly worth his time. But after seeing him in action tonight, I think I might gotta reconsider …

Earlier this evening, Todd wandered over to the low-stakes cash tables with Freddie Deeb’s (very cute) daughter. He was good-fun drinky, and Ms. Deeb (sorry, I can’t remember her first name) was letting us all know she just turned 21 three weeks ago. (Happy Birthday!)

Then he sat down and began playing some $4/$8 limit … yakking it up all jovial with the little people. Very cool. He also showed good poker consideration by asking the dealer to blind him off (instead of dealing him out) whenever he got up and disappeared to other spots in the poker room for a while.

Brunson the Younger then stood up to make an announcement. (“I never realized he was so big,” observed a player at my table.) He was offering $5,000 to any man who shows up for tomorrow/today’s Ladies event in drag. The stipulations: they had to be wearing a visible Doyle’s Room logo, and if turned away plea “discrimination!” I’m not sure if they had to be allowed into the tourney or not. (The Tiltboys pulled off such a stunt a few years back at Bay 101 and were met by some with humor, and others with extreme disdain. And I’m not sure Todd really cared whether or not you got in … so long as you get on TV. “If 10 people do it, that’s fine! I’ll pay out $50,000!)

(At least one Rounder Clubber is seriously considering the offer.)

A little while later, a young low-stakes lady asked Todd Brunson to sign her (spacious) butt. Jaws dropped and camera-phones flipped open at multiple surrounding tables as he ever-graciously abliged.

2 Comments to “T. Brunson’s Better Side”

  1. jaffo

    I have always felt the same way about Todd. I was knocked out of the New Orleans Circuit in 2005 by Todd. He was gracious at the table and when he knocked me out, he came over and complimented my playing and admitted he had misread me, made a bad call and gotten lucky. It was very nice.

    When I have mention this to a few other people, they act like they couldn’t believe it. They say he’s a butt. I just had a good experience with him.

  2. david

    FYI…Freddie Deeb’s daughters name is Jeanine…she has been doing videos updates on wsop/card player sites…