The Making of a Bad Person

by , Jul 13, 2006 | 5:40 am

LAS VEGAS–I just took my worst beat of the WSOP. I won’t even bother to recount it, because the bad beat stories — while not as ubiquitous as last year when you could smoke in the halls here — are really more bad people stories, generally by the folks telling them.

But I will say this … I guess I can accept his calling my small raise pre-flop with those shit cards in the big blind. I even understand his check-reraise, thinking I was bluffing. But calling another couple hundred on my re-reraise?

I stood up from the $2/$5 NL table literally wanting to walk up to the guy — who was previously a solid player before going on tilt about an orbit-and-a-half earlier — and punch him hard and square in the side of the head. Yeah, that would make me feel better! And everyone at the table would know he had it coming. But alas, I’ve got other good stuff in life going on, so violence is probably not the answer. Still, I wanna. Mix in a slow-roll and you can understand why I would shrug my shoulders if major harm came this human’s way in the near future.

Terry K was at the table. Perhaps he can fill you in on the details.

Buy-in(s): $600 (2)
Cash out: $0
Net: -$600

Lessons: Maybe it doesn’t work so well to play silly with your first buy-in, knowing you’ll get the calls you need with your second buy-in and beyond. Might need to rethink that strategy … as it seems to invite these sorts of bad beats. That, or violence is the answer.

2 Comments to “The Making of a Bad Person”

  1. Gonz

    Now you’re thinking, Dan. Violence is ALWAYS the answer.

  2. TommyTwoToes

    actually a wise man once said “Violence is not the answer, It’s the Solution”.

    I had something happen to me at the Bellagio a few years ago… Called the man a “F#ckTard”… several of the players thought it was funny… the man I said it to was offended and wanted me removed or something … the dealer and others agreed with me that I cant be punished for telling the truth and the man in question then shut up and 45 minutes later after loosing everything he had won got up and left broke.