An Open Letter to Jamie Gold

by , Aug 31, 2006 | 5:49 pm

Dear Mr. Gold,

Congratulations on winning the 2006 WSOP. I’d say I could never really imagine the thrill, but really, I suspect anyone and everyone who’s ever played poker actually has. Anyhow, as you probably know, a lot of us media types are interested in talking with you.

I see that you’ve gotten plenty of good representation to handle your affairs. A smart move, for sure … as Brian Balsbaugh has done great things for poker and poker players, and when it comes to PR, there’s nothing wrong with hiring professionals. However, having someone else speak for you doesn’t really help us get to know the real Jamie Gold. If that’s what you want, so be it … then I’m sure you can understand why the masses will simply side with your naysayers by default.

I’m not gonna bullshit you … there’s a lot of really nasty stuff being said about you right now — character assaults being levied by people who have never met you for more than a few moments. I, for one, don’t think that’s really fair. I have no idea what you did or didn’t promise to Crispin Leyser and/or the WSOP dealers. So I’m gonna reserve judgment …

But I would like to request an interview. Don’t worry, there won’t be any cameras, and it’s up to you whether you’d feel more comfortable having our conversation recorded. I just wanna talk — about poker, dude! — and everything else that goes along with winning the biggest championship in history. As one of the biggest poker geeks out there, I’d like to hear your side of various stories, directly from you. Again, I know you have other people to do your bidding for you. But because they have a financial interest in your persona, we have to take everything they say with a sizable chunk of salt.

(However, I do understand that you are a very important person, so I also have no problem with your bodyguards being present. They are welcome to frisk me.)


Let me know what you think and when it might be convenient for you to speak on the record. You can reach me by telephone (Brian’s got my number) or email me directly at danm]at[

In the alternative, because I know lawyers often encourage their clients to keep their mouths shut, I’d like to challenge you to a heads-up match. I’ll put up ONE HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARS — of my own money, mind you! And because I know you’re not very liquid right now, I’ll even let you play “on the books.” I trust you … and if you win, it won’t really matter, right?

You would be able to finally face the media without having to say a word, and like anyone who plays poker against anyone, I would walk away with a little more information about what kind of person you really are.

Looking forward to your response!

In Brunson We Trust,

7 Comments to “An Open Letter to Jamie Gold”

  1. lavigne


  2. AlCantHang

    His email is

  3. IttyBittyWussy

    Make it $1,100. I’m paying the difference. Anyone else want to pitch in?

  4. Karridy

    I got five on it.

  5. Evil Omaha Sharron

    Oooooh Dan, you are GOOD and by the way, I’ll throw in $5 too, nahhh I have faith in you so make it $20 😉

  6. Willie

    I got four bucks, a box of Eclipse mints, and a few Big Macs, so I guess I really can’t contribute much unless you guys are hungry or have bad breath.
    PS Just dug through my pockets and found an extra ten… count that in!

  7. Tagg

    I’ll put up Gold’s $100.