Instapoker 2

by , Aug 31, 2006 | 3:14 am

Oops, I knew that couldn’t be everything:

The IRS just got underway with its PRIORITY GUIDANCE PLAN. One of the things that will be discussed over the next year are new rules pertaining to poker tournament winnings.

Some colleges are banning laptops in class — in part because of internet poker play. (Perhaps SHANNON SHORR is doing the right thing by quitting school and JEFF MADSEN is a sucker?)

Local and FEDERAL authorities worked together to raid a couple poker games in ALASKA last week.

The first hearing in the CRISPIN LEYSER vs. JAMIE GOLD lawsuit takes place in LAS VEGAS on friday.

DANIEL CRAIG, the new JAMES BOND, apparently likes poker — and we are supposed to give a shit.

(Doesn’t he know that, thanks to JAMIE GOLD and DREW BARRYMORE, Hollywood poker is like so 2004/05? Just ask BEN AFFLECK.)

Here’s more NON-POKER media on the legal struggles we all face. And here’s a story about the new lives of online poker felons in WASHINGTON STATE.

All this while prosecutors in COLUMBUS, OHIO NEBRASKA are reconsidering the legality of amateur poker games in bars — in part thanks to some money-wielding players at a golf course.

And SOUTH KOREA’s prime minister is apologizing for letting gambling in his country run amuck and hurt the low-income earners. HAN MYEONG-SOOK, however, does not include live poker as part of the problem.

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