Back on the Horse

by , Aug 29, 2006 | 4:30 pm

A once-and-former Lodge player exchanged some email with me today regarding her poker hiatus:

Well, my addiction to poker (that lasted from August of 2004 to January of 2006) finally faded away. Thank goodness b/c I was spending a LOT of time and wasting a LOT of money. There were times when I’d be WAAY up and I either couldn’t walk away, or I’d walk away, not deposit it in the bank and use that money for my next game. It was an actual craving that I’d have to leave and go play.

I know that a LOT of the underground places are getting shut down. I’m just looking for a casual house game with an approximate $20-$40 tourney buy-in. I know that sounds cheap, but I’d rather play for fun, not money. I learned that the hard way.

Oy, tell me about it. Well glad you are willing to give our drug of choice game another go.

Interestingly enough, she’s the fourth Dallas lady in about four days to express a desire for some casual, comfortable, low-stakes competition. New trend? Continued surge? Poker is like Starbuck’s …

3 Comments to “Back on the Horse”

  1. TommyTwoToes

    this is why for about the last year i have hosted a $5 buy in tournament with 10k in starting chips (25-50 blinds slowly increasing)every friday night… the Friday 5 as we call it is so that good players can play in a deep stack tournament and in general jsut have fun without puttin alot on the line with friends. It has become more important to get your name on the white board at my house than it is to win the money.

  2. Evil Omaha Sharron

    Dan, give her my number, she might be interested in the Ladies League on Wednesday nights I think it is everything she is looking for; low cost, “sometimes” decent poker but definately fun, friendly and a chance to win an expenses paid trip to a LIPS or WSOP tourney, can’t beat that for $12 a week!

  3. Jaxia

    Yeah, I’ve been looking for awhile, and haven’t found a ‘home game’ yet.