Go (Kinda Sorta) Dallas Poker!

by , Aug 11, 2006 | 6:18 am

LAS VEGAS–So the WSOP is over. I am tired(ish). $12 million yadda yadda. Fuck you all for caring.

Jamie Gold is the winner — seriously, I’m not a fan of Johnny Chan, so is this guy an ass? (He’s undoubtedly no Greg Raymer.)

Second place went to David Williams Paul Wasicka. CardPlayer said he’s from Minnesota. Bluff Radio kept saying he was from Dallas, and other people say he was from Colorado. So I asked him directly: Where are you from?

He said he was born in Dallas and lived there until he was age 7. Now he considers himself a Coloradan. OK, we’ll take it. I also invited him to come play with the Batfaces, and he looked confused.

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