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by , Aug 22, 2006 | 4:22 pm

OK, so all I really know is that it was a lawyer from Colorado that made trouble for Texas poker. No real clue if it was the same lawyer. But seriously, how many gambling lawyers in Colorado want to spend their time trying to shut down charity events in Texas and/or panning for a judicial jackpot based on laws written prior to the birth of George Washinton?

Regardless, I found a little more on Charles Humphrey, and I think some of the commenters may be right — he might be “good,” filing lawsuits to make a “point.”

Still not sure, but not sure it matters — whatever side he’s on, his semi-ridiculous claims should help poker at least a little bit, because they are so ridiculous. Here’s his take on whether online poker is a game of skill or chance.

And here’s the actual legal filing for his New Jersey lawsuit.

Mr Humphrey clearly knows his gambling laws … so he may well know better than anyone else how ridiculous they are. Or he could be a holy roller eager to save the world from damnation. I find it interesting that in his claim, he points out to the state that they could get half the money from these allegedly ill-gotten gambling gains. So in a way, he’s making the same pitch the poker people are making … hey, government, you can get rich off of gambling, too!

“Our side” is saying, hey gov, let us gamble and you can make money. His side is saying, hey gov, let’s prohibit gambling, and we can take down pretty much the same pot. It’s scary that this could be a tempting argument to legislators looking to wave the family values flag. Or it might be a sign that pro-poker forces might consider a different tactic.

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  1. Meat

    Test cases are always a bit frightening since their purpose is to challenge the law as it stands. This particular challenge is doubly scary, in my opinion, since it encompasses some of the same legal issues that apply to poker (online and brick-n-mortar). If the legal issues are resolved against Fantasy Football websites, there is a possibility it could create precedent that is unfavorable to poker as well. As you pointed out before, he is counting on an answer that protects those large corporations, thus leading to favorable precedent.

    What is more likely is that he’ll get poured out for failure to state a claim, and no legal precedent will be produced. Then he’ll just look silly…or fearless…not sure which.

    At any rate, he has us talking about him. I suppose that’s something.

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    […] Just going through some old emails — the backlog is finally below 900! — and came across some discourse between various poker legalizers. Turns out that Charles Humphrey, the Colorado lawyer filing suit in New Jersey with claims that fantasy football constitutes illegal gambling, is clearly on the right side of the law poker. Not only was he in Vegas playing satellites during the WSOP, but, according to the politicky emails, he was there meeting with folks from the PPA and Bob Ciaffone. He’s also apparently very aware of the Texas Poker PAC. […]