Very Unglittery for Gold

by , Aug 22, 2006 | 2:27 pm

Looks to be a fun year for poker — I wonder if the poker media will decide to actually cover it like a “sport” instead of a promotional event. A Pokerati commenter points out that Crispin Leyser — Jamie Gold’s “horseman” — is suing for half his winnings. Apparently the 2006 World Series champion is not very good at making promises and keeping them. (Just ask the dealers … and now his friends.)

With a lawsuit, of course, this means a lot of looking into how the biggest event in the history of poker (just about every year) really works.

And what’s funny is that right now, as we type, ESPN is editing/producing what will be the very special episodes of the WSOP. Norman Chad’s gonna hate this guy, I predict. Not sure on how the tides may or may not turn for Johnny Chan, who coached Gold to victory and is generally not beloved by poker’s good guys.

Either way, Robert Varkonyi is presumably rejoicing as he will no longer be the most disrespected main event champion.

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4 Comments to “Very Unglittery for Gold”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    While Varkonyi may be the least respected recent champion, I thought Hal Fowler was the worst World Champion.

  2. TommyTwoToes

    they settle this whole thing by awarding me the title, the bracelet and of course ,the root of all evil,… the money.

    I am willing to take this burden on for the love of the game.

  3. The Obvious Joke

    Jamie Gold and his lawyer, Sam Israel. Oi vey.

  4. TheActorTony