“Yo, T, What’up biznatch?”

by , Aug 16, 2006 | 6:43 pm

Tune in to “Beyond the Table” on Hold’em Radio tonight (7 pm central) and you’ll hear me joining Tom Schneider to talk about our impressions of the WSOP. I’m really looking forward to it — because we were both there for a long time, but experiencing it from different perspectives. (He made it to only one final table.)

He’ll also be a good person to ask why the high-stakes cash games dissolved so quickly at the WSOP. One day I watched Scotty Nguyen and Ming Ly yammering at the chops (in Vietnamese) waiting to get in on some $400/$800 action with Tom, Andy Black, and Sean Shiekhan … the next day there’s just about nobody there. Stuff like that.

Should make for good chit-chat. Click here to listen live. (We go on in a few minutes.)

P.S. Buy Tom’s book, because somebody needs to.

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