RE: Neteller Services Interrupted? (2)

by , Jan 17, 2007 | 11:16 pm

OK, so I just did some checking … Indeed, UB won’t let me deposit via Neteller. However, when I log in to Neteller, I am greeted by the following screen:


Very interesting. I can only imagine the whole company is in a tizzy as we stand … perhaps even in “fuck it” mode. So we can’t as intelligent poker players expect them to make all the right moves.

4 Comments to “RE: Neteller Services Interrupted? (2)”

  1. Ed

    you do know people use instacash at Neteller for things BESIDES online poker. 😛


  2. jeh

    Looks like Neteller has cut off transactions to all “gambling” sites, although they are still allowing other transactions. Of course, poker isn’t gambling, but try telling that to the two guys enjoying three squares a day and pretty orange jumpsuits….

  3. John

    Apparently, as of 12:01 AM this morning, Neteller has cut off all services to US customers.I saw this in a article posted just a few minutes ago. 🙁

  4. John

    Maybe Cardplayer is a little off in it’s report. Neteller’s site says that only transfers to online gambling sites have been cut off to US customers. Sorry about that. 🙂