Texas Legislative Update

by , Jan 26, 2007 | 2:13 pm

Talk about gambling (and anti-gambling) legislation in Texas spreads. Apparently the TEXAS GAMING COMMISSION is hard at work, though their website suggests they are more interested in the XBOX-360 than poker.

More here. HOUSTON and DALLAS seem to be on the same page. TARRANT COUNTY is potentially on board, too. In the American BRICK-AND-MORTAR world, Texas is seen the way RUSSIA is online — major untapped resource.

It’s all about JOBS and SCHOLARSHIPS. Governor RICK PERRY (R) effectively talks out of two sides of his mouth on this issue, thus allowing him to take money from opposing sides (in theory).

Any casino legislation may be more palatable to lawmakers if it provides for cracking down on eight-liners, he said, as the Texas Gaming Association is proposing.

“They’re totally unregulated, totally unlicensed and huge amounts of money,” Perry said. “You’re fooling yourself if you think there’s not substantial gambling going on in the state of Texas.”

We’re all fine with that, of course. As far as we know, you don’t have too many eight-liner blogs and there isn’t a World Series of Eight-Liners. So all good, but with that said, why are the Texas Gaming Association and Texas Governor and all the proponents of expanded slot machines not even acknowledging “Texas Hold’em?”

(And remember when Texas went so far as to name a football team after our proud wagering heritage?)

2 Comments to “Texas Legislative Update”

  1. jackietrehorn

    Gaming is the term for BOTH Las Vegas-style casino gambling and couch potato XBOX video games. Confuses me all the time, especially when you meet someone in Austin who says they’re in the gaming industry. “Are you a dealer?” “No, I write code.”

  2. gambling advocate

    That’s a different Texas Gaming Association than the one pushing the casino bill.