Re: One player per hand?

by , Feb 10, 2007 | 2:35 pm

Just to be clear, I did not intend to throw Paul Wasicka under the bus, but rather wanted to point out how it’s interesting that a clear violation of the poker rules in live action (Rule #12) is by almost all accounts “permissible” in the online world. (Even if, at least overtly,the online sites like Full Tilt (Rule #3) “outlaw” such behavior.) Heck, even a WSOP champion has written about doing tag-teams, which I suppose is technically not a violation of the rule.

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  1. Bob

    I have no problem throwing him under the bus, particularly when it is published in a national poker mag, which gives implicit approval of the behavior by publishing it (I didn’t see any disclaimer in the ESPN re-print).

    He didn’t speak of doing it in a “play money” game, where you could have said, “yes, it’s technically cheating, but no one is really getting hurt, and you may learn something”, he talked about hitting other’s bankrolls, and made no reference to the “legality”…

    I just wonder how the editorial meeting went (if they had one).

  2. Onewhowas

    Michael Craig (along with Clonie, Mike Mathusow, and others) do it as well.

    You are living in the stone age, bob.