Contrary to Unpopular Opinion

by , Apr 6, 2007 | 11:49 am

Gary Carson offers his $.02 on the pending poker legislation in Texas … and I couldn’t help but mouth off to my respectable colleague. (Thanks, Tim, for the link!)

As for the rest of you … don’t forget that now — as in like today, maybe next Tuesday at the latest — is the time to flood the legislative voicemails and in-boxes with your support for HB 3186.

It’s pretty simple where things currently stand … if a majority of the House decides to support this bill (that would be 76 representatives), it will be put to a vote and it will pass.

UPDATE: Here’s a better video of the November Dallas poker raids, better than the one I linked to in Gary’s comments. When it comes to dealing with poker, it’s pretty much either this or HB 3186 — our choice.

7 Comments to “Contrary to Unpopular Opinion”

  1. Fresh Princess

    Doesn’t the law also state that in those legal games you have to be a freakin’ man?

  2. DanM

    Michele, I don’t think you are right on this … I have never seen any gender bias in any current gambling or social recreation laws.

    I could be wrong … and if so, please show me something to suggest so. Because men-only poker really would be gay.

  3. Fresh Princess

    Are you serious?

  4. lavigne in Austin

    that blog post also said that unraked games in vfw’s elk’s lodges etc are legal. I don’t believe that is the case. not if they sell beer to those playing poker.

  5. Stephen L.

    Does someone really believe that some law applies to men only and not women? Even if some (really, really, old) law states “man” or “men” it will legally be interpreted to mean all adults. The idea that someone would think a gambling law applies to men and not women just blows my mind. Please visit a lawyer (any lawyer will do).

  6. Fresh Princess

    Perhaps Borat could hook you up with his joke counselor. Not!

  7. Snick

    Thanks Lavigne. With the link to our rep’s. pages it was soooooo easy to find the right one and send an e-mail. Hint – anyone can do it – Please Do!