Re: Another Big Poker Bust (2)

by , Apr 15, 2007 | 5:11 am

Below is the audio from an impromptu, late-night interview with the Dallas police official who seemed to be in charge of the post-raid cleanup at the Audie Murphy VFW. He provides some basic facts about this latest police incursion and some insight into how our local games are seen by the men sent to the front lines of the War on Poker:

Deputy Chief J.A. Bernal / Vice and Narcotics – 4/15/07
Dallas Police Department

ALT HED: Beyond the Crime Scene

  • Vice unit does more gambling busts than SWAT
  • Citizen complaints on one end, DA’s office on the other
  • Two weeks of investigation nets search warrant for 70+ misdemeanors
  • Should Dallas expect more busts? “Absolutely”
  • Oops! Asking the second-highest ranking officer in the DPD if he is a “sergeant”
  • One person had some outstanding drug charges
  • Police found a small amount of methamphetamine at the VFW
  • TABC was also there … found violations in VFW pool hall/bar next door
  • No federal involvement (yet) but investigation continues after takedown … relevant info forwarded to the IRS
  • “hard-working normal citizens, average everyday working joes” (6:35)
  • No weapons — just ask Curtis

7 Comments to “Re: Another Big Poker Bust (2)”

  1. "Jill"

    I’m glad you were no more than “30 minutes away” from this location so you could provide us with this valuable information. I’m also amazed you were allowed to capture and keep the pictures of the undercover agents involved. Good Work!

    I am well aware of your expertise in such reporting and am curious what percentage you felt was truthful from “Deputy Chief J.A. Bernal/Vice and Narcotics”. Care to share? (“Two weeks of investigations” and “a dozen employees handcuffed and taken to jail for “keeping a gambling place.”…Just curious as rumors today reflect none of the employees were taken to jail)


  2. DanM

    I have no reason not to believe the couple weeks of investigation … because really, how hard is it to do a poker investigation?

    As to the dozen employees … well actually, i need to look into that, because i may have jumped to some conclusions there … and that’s a real easy fact to verify.

  3. DanM

    Just for the record … still have no confirmation that anyone went to jail last night. Though I do know that the dealers and room operators were picked out for Class A misdemeanors, a level of offense where arrest is likely.

  4. Shadow

    Like i said, no dealers were taken to jail. One person was arrested for possesion of meth and some people were overlooked and not written violations because the bust was completely unorganized. I was at the v 5 days a week.

  5. DanM

    Thanks, Shadow, for the info. I have updated the original post. My mistake. I jumped to the conclusion that a sting of this size was handled (legally speaking) the same way as the four in Dallas before it.

    Seems like the police took a far more kinder-and-gentler approach to this game. I guess with so many vice cops playing poker, it shouldn’t surprise us that they are learning from their mistakes.

  6. wendy fincher

    Dallas Vice is full of crap ,and yalls reporting on the incident is also false.they came through town and busted people on friday and then decide to bust the VFW on saturaday.did you know they donate al their proceeds to charity?no because they never took the time to poker really that bad?

  7. DanM

    Wendy, thanks for writing in. Indeed, we had an error in some of our initial reporting. If you see any others, please point them out so we can correct.

    As to the VFW donating ALL their proceeds to charity … like really, do you mean that? Because, wow, that would not seem like a good business model. And if true, it would make a helluva court case!