South of Hell’s Kitchen

by , Apr 4, 2007 | 4:04 pm

While I love Austin, yesterday I wished Houston was still the Capitol of Texas so I wouldn’t have had to commute. Nonetheless, it was a swell time spending the day with Dan Michalski, Mike Lavigne, Lyle Berman, Crandell Addington, Clonie Gowen, and Erick Lindgren.

I arrived at noon to quickly learn that many local news stations were hot for information on the new bill. After our first interview, we lunched in a nearby hotel board room as we listened to Crandell’s old poker stories. If you love old Doyle Brunson stories then ask Crandall about the time Doyle mucked Aces Full (on the turn – formally known as the flop).

Lyle Berman spent most of the day entertaining us with his brainstorming — further proving that Crandell was indeed accurate on his analysis of Lyle’s intellect. “Do you know what Full Tilt should do?” asked Berman. “What?” asked Clonie. Lyle then declined to share the information because it was just too good of an idea.

Sassy (a good thing) and sexy Clonie Gowen and Erick Lindgren told funny stories while playing Chinese poker. While Michael Bolcerek, President of the Poker Players Alliance worked on what he wanted to say before the counsel, Dan made sure no strippers, bookmakers & leg breakers showed up to confirm poker players are just a bunch of polluted souls.

It was a long day but well worth the wait when we officially had a poker soap box to stand on before the House. (DAN INSERT VIDEO HERE) I was honored to testify for poker and for charities that are “in love” with the possibility of charitable poker tournaments (which would raise millions of dollars to help fight disease and the less fortunate). My entire poker life I have heard they were trying to legalize the game of poker in our great state which has yet to happen. But I had to ask myself…”who am I to complain if I am just standing by doing nothing?”

This leads to a similar situation I hear in Vegas tournaments…the complaint of the infamous Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. I fondly refer to this as the “Everyone Get’s a Piece of the ACTion” bill. Are these complainers doing anything? Yes, some are doing some foot work, but what about the players who are not? They could at least write their Congressman. Like we say down here in Texas…If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen!


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  1. Karridy

    I hate that I couldn’t make it. Maybe you could round up that same posse for poker night at my place?

  2. Lavigne in Austin

    I’ll write a piece about this week at the Lege a little later this week, but I did want to say that pokerati readers should be extremely proud. Dan and the Princess did a great job down in Austin.

    I’ll write more later about that.

  3. J.E.H.

    What we really want to know is if Dan found a tie to match his pink shirt.

  4. Lavigne in Austin

    funny, i told dan to wear a jacket for yesterday. instead he wore a pink shirt with chest hair ablaze. I guess that’s just how y’all roll in Dallas these days.

  5. Fresh Princess

    You forgot to mention his new sexy rhinestone glasses.

  6. DanM

    they really are sexy, aren’t they?

  7. DanM

    p.s. i tried to embed the video youtube style, but was unsuccessful. if any technical wizards out there know how to convert the RAM file into something i can display on pokerati, let me know.

  8. JImmy

    The CardPlayer article mentions the 4 table limit on bars. I thought that was removed from the latest version of the bill. Can anyone comment on that, is it an error on CardPlayer’s part, or was the bill changed again?

  9. April

    Bah! CardPlayer doesn’t make errors! Silly boy…

  10. DanM

    yes, the table limits have been removed, i believe. really, there were changes happening by the hour yesterday. so i could have a few small items confused.

  11. Fresh Princess

    Right, not only were things changing by the hour we went back and forth on some issues. CardPlayer also wrote that the bill had a limit of $100 on charity events, Thankfully, the cap was eliminated from the bill.

  12. Fresh Princess

    BTW – Yes, the glasses were sexy but no offense they looked better on Clonie. Oh right, she’s a girl!

  13. terry lewis

    I found the entire process very interesting and entertaining, I especially enjoyed watching Lyle’s mind work it was very, very informative. As always I enjoyed being regaled by old stories of vegas and other adventures by Mr. Addington’s storys and learned a great new antecdote from Mr. Bolcerek about a frog and a spider. My wife of course looking very sexy and smart and I am speaking,” totally as an objective, disinterested, unbiased 3rd party” was wonderful in her testimony as was Dan. It never actually occured to me that charity golf tournaments and fishing tournaments have an element of luck as well as skill and could also be outlawed as our beloved past time.I imagine all the who’s who’s of River Oaks, Westlake Hills and Highland Park are in no great hurry to eliminate or criminalize these anytime soon. Although Dan might have given them some new ideas as they are almost totally enept at preventing violent and real crime. Clonie Gowen and Eric were without any pretention which I found very suprising and quite refreshing considering their “star” power. So all in all it was a great day spent with great people doing some civic duty although I am certain I was maybe the only conservative in the room, I managed to dodge all the bullets and leave politics at the door and make new friends.Great job Lavigne very impressive. and Dinner was awesome thanks again Rick.

  14. Jamie D

    You all should be very proud of yourselves, and I am proud to know you all.

    Thank you for your efforts!!!

    Again, thank you for your efforts!!!!

    Jamie D

  15. Adam Lewis

    uh… terry, i thought this was a page where people posted comments, not a website for amateur writer/pokerplayers to show case their novel writing abilities.

    p.s. i only wrote this cause i thought it might help the site

    p.s.s. im fresh princess’ brother in law and biggest fan. it was a pleasure meeting those of you who attended the dinner at sullivans

  16. Fresh Princess

    Ah, thanks Adam! (how much do I owe you?)

  17. Jamie D

    “uh… terry, i thought this was a page where people posted comments, not a website for amateur writer/pokerplayers to show case their novel writing abilities.”

    That was funny!!!!

  18. DanM

    ahh, THAT terry … of course. (referencing comment on previous post.) Yo, T … whazzup?

    as to the golf and fishing thing — i’m glad that got across. i wasn’t sure i made the point that, “hey … we’re not trying to do anything revolutionary here (at least on the charity component) … we’re simply trying to fix the law so poker gets the same treatment as golf and fishing.”

  19. snake

    I watched the video…you guys are just as sexy from behind and blurred and from far away. Well done on the points you made. I would have smacked the chairman for talking while Crandell talked.

  20. Fresh Princess

    Interesting…my husband was there sitting behind me and he said the same thing. Although, I think he may have been referring to Dan.

  21. DanM

    Snake, so you noticed my bald spot, too? It really is a nice piece of exposed flesh. Thanks for the props.