Party Foundation?

by , May 29, 2007 | 2:13 pm

I’ll be competing in at least one event in the 2007 WSOP — $1,500 NLH on June 16. Exciting! Even more fun is that it’s all being made possible by our new-good-best friends at Milwaukee’s Best Light. Mmm-mmm. When you think about it, it really is an amazing beer. Go MBL! Guinness-shminness! The Euros will love this stuff!

As part of this sponsorship, I’ve agreed to donate half of any winnings in Event 27 to a reputable charity of my choice. Also cool because, you know, you gotta give to live, right? So it’s on me to figure out who gets Pokerati’s highly anticipated largess. (Milwaukee’s Best Light needs this info by Today morning, fyi.)

Naturally, I immediately thought of giving to the Poker Players Alliance and/or the Texas Poker PAC. But apparently just because someone accepts donations via PayPal doesn’t mean they are a charity — there is a difference, after all, between helping better the lives of fat old men who like to semi-bluff and saving children. Hmm.

Michele has lots of charities she already gives to — because she’s a better person than I. But so many to pick from … I sometimes give to my brother-in-law’s church — they would qualify — but they don’t accept donations from gambling wins. (They’ve previously had to turn down a donation from one of their best poker-playing members.)

Hmm. It’s hard being generous when you’re not used to it. So I am open to suggestions. Though I see big poker sites connected to charity events all the time, it doesn’t seem like there is such a thing as the PartyPoker Foundation, or the PokerStars Charitable Trust. Would be cool if there was, for all a whole bunch of right reasons.

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  1. GoodChuck

    I suggest making a sizeable donation to the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Chuck Pettigrew), they could use your donation to sponsor their favorite poker player at a WSOP event. Just a thought. MBL would never know the difference.

  2. Ed

    Having my dad pass away from cancer always makes me say choose one of the many charities helping patients going through the same fight he did.

    Or just ship it to


  3. Tim B.

    personally, when choosing charities i try to give to organizations that have a direct effect on the community i live in… the dallas zoo/aquarium is one i always supported heavily in a (now long past) more affluent stage of my career.

  4. son of sue

    My wife is running in the Chicago marathon and is raising money for cancer. Kinda like Jump Rope for Heart. Anyways, click on the website if you (or anyone) wants to donate.

  5. Fresh Princess

    Congratulations on the “corporate sponsorship”. It’s nice to see corporations getting in the action.
    There are plenty of great organizations on my website, but I am always partial to people in need. Give kids the world is a great hotel in Orlando that invites a child facing a life threatening illness to stay in their village while providing passes to disney. What makes this place unique is that the whole family and siblings stay there which provides a very special vacation/experience of joy. The child can go back for the rest of their life and see the star they placed on the ceiling and read what they wrote in the village journal.

    Another great charity that needs money is songs of love. they write a personalized song for a child facing a serious illness as well.

  6. Dad

    Dan … good luck, on June 16th. Have fun, while playing “smart”! If I drank beer, I would switch to Milwaukee’s Best Light. Nonetheless, I will begin stocking MBL for friends and family. All the best – and stay safe, while in Las Vegas.

  7. DanM

    Awesome, Dad, and thanks … just make sure Mom and Grandma don’t finish it all before I get back. By the way, I am up late because I just finished a Full Throttle Energy Slurpee. That’s the good stuff.

  8. Fresh Princess

    Full Throttle makes an energy slurpee? I may have to check that out. But I thought you kicked that habit??

  9. Sharron

    Totally off subject but….. if you stand me up AGAIN this year in Vegas I will hunt you down and force Guinness down your throat!!

    I want to check out the new club 😉 and I expect YOU to go with me!

    Oh, and by the way… good luck in your tourney.

  10. Chris Rebuy

    I’m wondering what poor reputable charity is going to have to stroke Dan a check for $750 after the tournament…