Pokering with Scotty Warbucks

by , May 5, 2007 | 9:10 am

scotty1.jpgLAS VEGAS–I’m boondoggling in Sin City for the big fight tonight (FYI–smart money is on Mayweather going the distance, based on my poll of 3 cab drivers). I had basically all of Friday to kill, so I figured I’d play in the $550 at Venetian or the $1,080 at Bellagio. I’d heard the Venetian was getting much deeper fields than the Bellagio, and since the Bellagio tourney often involves some grizzled pros (like David Sklansky), I figured it was a better play for my money.

Upon arrival, I have to say once again, the Venetian poker room is spectacular. People are nice, dealers and staff are great, food is good, and there are about 47 million tables in a very comfortable room. I wandered over to tournament registration, where I was informed that the tournament usually has around 100 players. Okay, I thought, this may not be quite as big a prize pool as Bellagio, but it was probably a smarter bet. Plus, the structure is phenomenal: 10,000 in chips, 40 minute levels, 25-50, 50-100, 100-200, 100-200 with an ante, etc. I signed up.

Tournament time rolled around and I took my spot, Table 39, Seat 4. In seats 6 and 7 were two delightful, talkative ladies I did not recognize. Seat 3 was open. I settled in and counted my chips. As I looked around the room, I notice there appeared to be only 3 tournament tables going. So great, not much of a prize pool. As I lamented, Seat 3 sat down and I looked up to see Scotty Warbucks. Huh? What is he doing here? The prize pool is like $15,000??? He starts talking to seat 6, and it becomes apparent that she is Marsha Waggoner. Before long, their good buddy Kenna James stops by–Kenna is playing at the next table. If you are scoring at home, that’s almost $5 million in tournament winnings sitting in, what turned out to be, a 31-person tournament. What the hell is going on here?? Garcon, more gin tonics!

Almost immediately, I was down to 6,000 and certain I would be the first one out. But I managed to grind it out and actually made it to the final table around 3rd in chips. Then I tried an elaborate bluff on Shoten, lost most of my chips and hung on to cash 5th, further solidifying my stranglehold on the Pokerati Correspondent POY standings.

I have to mention that Shoten is one quirky little dude. In addition to schlepping his book, Scotty was passing around a working thesis he’s got going that expands upon the core principles of his book but takes the principles away from the poker table. Someone made the mistake of asking him if this was like “No Limit Life II.”

“This is like No Limit Life a Billion,” he replied. “It will blow your mind.” Awesome.

16 Comments to “Pokering with Scotty Warbucks”

  1. DanM

    Nice job, Randy. Who won? Anyone we have heard of?

  2. The Big Randy

    Didn’t stay around to see who won. Some ass-clown with an enormous Yankees emblem on his shirt had most of the chips. If he made it to the final two, he would have won, because as he so often repeated, “I never bubble, and I never finish second.” He was like a toxic version of Gonz, if that’s even possible.

  3. Karridy

    Congrats! Sounds like fun. Meanwhile, I busted out first in a field of similar size.

  4. Fresh Princess

    yes, the venetian is quite popular with some pros because of the nice room and structure. I only wish they would change their air freshner. it gives me a headache.

  5. DanM

    For a while, when the PPL thing was taking shape, the Venetian was paying a bunch of pros (including Clonie) $10,000/month to play there X number of hours each month. I think that deal has since fallen apart, however. Am not sure.

  6. Venita

    Somebody clue me in — isn’t the PPL over and done with? As in, they’re not doing it anymore?

  7. DanM

    I think like so many other great poker projects it is sitting on someone’s backburner. but i could be totally wrong — and it could be totally dead. I know it is at least dormant.

  8. DanM

    TBR, it just occurred to me that in a 31-player field, paying four might be standard. Did you at least make your money back for the 5th place finish?

  9. The Big Randy

    Dan–“I hung on to cash 5th”… they paid the top 5.

  10. DanM

    you words with good.

  11. Gonz

    A “toxic version” of me? I’m strangely intrigued.

  12. Tiny B

    TBR/Gonz separated at birth?

    An e-mail from TBR at 2:26 AM last night,

    “Just got thrown out of MGM poker room for screaming “floor”. Long story. Don’t come out good in it.”

  13. DanM

    Wow … could be sooooo awesome. can’t wait to hear.

  14. snake

    TBR..must have seen you as we (me, chops, addict, lacey jones…) played the 8p tourney at the Venetian and saw Charlie at the final table from the 550 event. what was his nose bandaged up for?

  15. TBR

    Don’t know. Thought about asking him, or better yet, making a joke about it at some point but thought better of it. I was sitting on his immediate left.

  16. Gonz

    This could start a whole new Batface betting spree–guy who gets booted out of the most gin joints/casinos wins the pot…I put myself at a 2-5 favorite, followed by Tiny B (even money) and Shane (2-1).