San Antonio Says No to Richard Lee Event?

by , May 22, 2007 | 2:09 pm

We’re hearing some interesting rumors from reliable sources about a fundraising poker tournament that didn’t happen in San Antonio this weekend. The purpose was reportedly to raise money for the American Legion there — with top prize being a WSOP main event seat. Either that prize was donated by none other than Richard Lee … or Lee had something to do with the organization of it. But apparently the cops shut it down before it happened.

Ahh, remember the good-ole-days when the police could just look the other way?

For those of you who may not recall, Lee was the well-connected, family-lovin’ San Antonio bookie businessman who finished 6th in last year’s WSOP main event (winning a cool $2.8 million) … only to have his hometown police rain on his welcome-back parade by busting into his house to confiscate cash and cars on allegations that he was running an online gambling ring. His case is still pending.

3 Comments to “San Antonio Says No to Richard Lee Event?”

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  2. Karridy

    That’s because wherever he goes, whatever he does, he’ll always have Johnny Law just over his shoulder. Take this picture above, for example. Judging by the grimace, he’s obviously in a lot of pain due to the elbow to the ear Police brutality that is taking place.

  3. Chris Rebuy

    I was invited by Lee to play in this tournament and almost took him up on the offer here in San Antonio. $100 rebuy tournament to give away a main event entry as the top prize. Like most tournaments of this nature, it was overpromoted to support the guaranteed prize, which probably added to Lee’s high profile and caused the tournament to get popped.