Frosty Beverage Anyone?

by , Jun 15, 2007 | 3:47 pm

LAS VEGAS – The long hallway of the Rio conference center has many doors leading to big and small rooms. Right now in one of the little rooms sits Johnny Chan playing faux poker with Phil Hellmuth while filming a commercial for a new energy drink. Yes, let me repeat, another energy drink. These two poker players have a long track record of competition on the felt but now it’s in the beverage world as Johnny Chan is the new face of All In.

Unlike other brands, All In uses herbs, vitamins and less caffeine to help you conquer your fears. However, read the fine print…this product will not cure any diseases.

One Comment to “Frosty Beverage Anyone?”

  1. donkey

    I heard Johnny Chan and All In Energy are merging with They are going to rename the website