Inside the Box: Dealer Shortage at the WSOP?

by , Jun 30, 2007 | 3:33 am

John Harris (dealing to Suzanne Carpenter in the 1-seat) at the WSOP.
LAS VEGAS–I was kinda surprised to learn that a few of the Dallas dealers who “auditioned” for the WSOP in May didn’t get the gig. (Like what’s wrong with La? She can deal just fine!) Turns out it was more a matter of timing … early birds got the 2007 WSOP dealin’ worms. But now, a month later — as in like today, in the tent — floor people were put in the box to accommodate a lack depth on the card-pitching bench.

In the tourney directors’ defense, they did break down the tables with floormen-turned-dealers first, since we all know that floor people are at best rusty inside the box, and sometimes downright terrible … misdeals galore.

Before Event #1, the WSOP stocked up with dealers, knowing they would lose a bunch along the way. 250 were fired in the first week for inadequate skills, reliable sources say. Others quit (as they always do) when their first paycheck didn’t live up to expectations. And since then there have been a smattering of pink slips and walk-offs. Floor personnel insist that the need for extra dealers today was not the result of a shortage — just a matter of scheduling problems.

(But aren’t those kinda the same thing?)

2 Comments to “Inside the Box: Dealer Shortage at the WSOP?”

  1. rubgut

    hey dan, tell them i’ll go up there if they need allstars!!!!! lol

  2. zach

    let me tell you this Dan, I went to audition on week 3 of 5 with linda, but Linda woke up early and got there first, passed with flying colors, I got there at 9am with a line of 60 dealers (me and La) waited for 6 hours in line. by the time it got to 5 people left infront of me and La. They came out and told us that they were done hiring dealers for the year asnd they would still take auditions for alternates and back-fill dealers for other Harrah’s properties. I did my audition and they offered me a spot at Flamingo, I thought it was more set than taking a alternate on-call position.