Not-so-Live Unofficial Non-Coverage of the WSOP!

by , Jun 22, 2007 | 8:30 pm

Friends, readers, non-American players …

Pokerati is going to take a little nap. We’re going “off the air” for a short while to fix a few things — we’ve run out of bubble gum and duct tape and are gonna turn to mid-tech nuts and bolts to accommodate your increasingly sophisticated WSOP demands. Thanks for your patience. Check back Monday morning, at which point we should be functional once again.

If you can’t wait until then to satisfy your poker-info jones, we recommend:

PokerNews — for the play-by-play coverage of every event.
CardPlayer — shocking, I know, but they seem to be learning what bloggers did in 2005-06 about the kinda coverage you can do when being media non grata forces you to improvise.

I also encourage you to download the latest episode of Beyond the Table. In fact, since you’ll have a little extra time this weekend, you should just subscribe via iTunes (or RSS/MyYahoo/etc.) and listen to a whole bunch of episodes. It will be like your own personal Beyond the Table marathon. Dreamy.

Photos will continue to show up irregularly in Pokerati’s Flickr gallery.

And perhaps I’ll have some fresh, frontline cash-games coverage for you over at PokerWorks.

You also should be reading:

Wicked Chops, The Poker Biz, Owen at PokerListings (he’s not the only one — a lot of their other coverage is good, too), Shuttergypsy, Pauly, the PokerStars blog, Mean Gene, CC, the Hendon Mob, PokerPages, PokerBlog, and Jeffrey Pollack’s blog (aka The Commish’s Corner).

If none of that really floats your fancy, you could be playing free poker online to win seats to the 2008 WSOP with our good poker friends at Milwaukee’s Best Light.

The video below may or may not be SFW — depends where you work — but it does a good job summing up a lot of what goes on off-the-tables at the World Series of Poker:

So there you have it. Pokerati looks to get un-broke over the weekend. Should be fun.

Click, and enjoy.â„¢

One Comment to “Not-so-Live Unofficial Non-Coverage of the WSOP!”

  1. Scott Chaffin

    Dan, it looks like we’re back, at least initially.