When in Venice…

by , Jun 23, 2007 | 5:54 pm

LAS VEGAS – Last night I avoided the Rio (in fear of being accused of hooking) and joined some friends for the $200 NL Hold’em tournament at the Venetian. Arriving on time I was disappointed to learn I would be alternate 25ish. Deciding to wait until the end of level two, my name was quickly called and I soon found myself seated in the ten-seat (perfect, since I forgot my glasses in the midst of changing handbags).

The Lowdown…It was card dead with a big stack going all-in every hand so NO MOVES were allowed. I did managed to flop an ace against this guy who passed over a few chips but I was still stuck with an infamous alternate short stack. After a table move, things proved to be better when I made the decision to move in with the next decent hand, oops I looked down at aces and tripled up. Long, boring story short…I proudly took home 20th with money going to the top 18 places. I nursed my growling stomach with a warm slice of pizza and went home. Although a couple of women cashed…my friends were disappointed there was no sign of Brandi Hawbaker nor Vinnie Vinh.

BTW – The noon tournament with 700 players started a shouting match about a 40-person chop. They argued for an hour until they convinced the chip leaders to make a bad decision (first place was 100k) finally settling on a 30-way chop. Roughly 8k went to the field with the top five taking 11k-ish.

It was good times, fun poker but a late night in Vegas.

2 Comments to “When in Venice…”

  1. Abteen

    I know Song Webb is in Vegas, I bet $1 that 40 way chop was initiated by her. She once got 12 people to chop in a tourament that paid 10 places at the legion!!!

    By the way, congrats on the ladies tournament Michelle.

  2. Michele Lewis AKA Fresh Princess

    They tried to chop our tournament with 20 people for 1k each. I said no and then was the first out.