by , Jun 20, 2007 | 4:48 pm

LAS VEGAS – Since you can’t comment, I should be writing about Creation VS Evolution just to get a rise but I will spare you the agony.

I’m currently at The Sin. The Sin is one of my pet names for The Rio since predictive text spells sin when typing Rio. This happened to me everyday last year at the WSOP and trust me it was not the word I wanted to see while gambling away my children’s college funds.

So speaking of gambling…today’s high noon event is PL Omaha with Rebuys and at the opposite end of the spectrum is the 3k Limit Hold’em at 5pm. I’m playing in the 3k and having difficulty getting ready. The media room is by far the most distracting place in the world. With bad ring tones, distracting YouTube videos and/or a few individuals that spend most of the day talking about how great they are (rather loudly), it can be difficult to focus. It’s kind of like Al-Qaeda…there is no real governing body so you can’t hold anyone responsible for bad behaviors. However, I will confess I can contribute to the troublesome of the room. It’s not my loud singing of old Poison songs, nor is it the constant view of my lower back tattoo; it’s usually when I am pretending to be smart by discussing cold fusion.
Check live tournament updates here. And to see pictures of sexy women check here.

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