Strategy Question: Would Two Bracelets Be Good to Have?

by , Jun 12, 2007 | 12:33 am

tomhorse1.JPGLAS VEGAS–They’re down to four players … and Tom Schneider is the short stack with 320k. (But he’s hardly in desperate straits.) Interestingly enough, we are thinking this HORSE event might be the oldest final table (on average) of any others at the WSOP. Not an internet whiz-kid in sight.

Remember, if you want to call Tom to leave him a message of encouragement, or ask him to borrow money, the number is 888-820-8091.

And to follow his action semi-live, keep refreshing here. By the way, BJ Nemeth is the correspondent PokerNews has assigned to this event, and he’s one of — if not the very — best. Below is what he can tell you about the quality of Tom’s competition.

UPDATE: Tom is out — 4th place, $54,913. Bummer, but awesome. Nice job, Tommy boy! One of his WSOP goals was to make three final tables. He’s well on his way to succeeding on that one. And with the payout, he’s made up for his new-bracelet losses to Jamie Gold at the Venetian! Wonder if Tom will see this event simply as a satellite the big-big HORSE tourney (event #39).

(NOTE: Ali has since been eliminated.)

Bio Information on the Final Five in Event #16 ($2,500 H.O.R.S.E.)

Seat 1 – Ali Eslami is at his first WSOP final table, and if he finishes fourth or higher, it will be the biggest cash of his career. He finished in the top 50 of the 2004 WSOP Main Event for $45,000.

Seat 5 – James Richburg won a bracelet last year in Razz, and 16 years ago he came in second in $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo. This is his third WSOP final table.

Seat 6 – Tom Schneider won his first WSOP bracelet eight days ago, and he already has his eyes on his second. He’s looking to become the first (only?) multiple bracelet winner of 2007.

Seat 7 – Walter Browne is a grandmaster chess player, who won the U.S. championship six times. (You can look him up on Wikipedia.) This is already his second final table of this year’s WSOP — he finished seventh in Event #10 ($2,000 No-Limit Hold’em). He spent his morning at an exhibition match where he played 22 players simultaneously. He was in a rush to get back to this tournament, and finished 15-1, with six draws. (He claims he normally has a 90% win percentage under those circumstances.) He left the match at 1:42 pm, and barely made it to the Rio in time for today’s 2:00 pm start.

Seat 8 – Chris Bjorin is a top European pro, and easily the most experienced player at the table — this is his 15th WSOP final table. He has two bracelets (from 1997 and 2000), and he made the final table of the 1997 WSOP Main Event (when Stu Ungar won his third championship). Bjorin has over $3 million in lifetime tournament winnings.

10 Comments to “Strategy Question: Would Two Bracelets Be Good to Have?”

  1. Bundas

    Tom Great Job !! Keep it going .. keep growing the WSOP bankroll!!

    Nice Baseball jersey! I like it Dan where do we get one of them… Since Tom’s books will start to fly out of the stores do you get a jersey with it !
    Make sure to send a shout out to Bundas and your next Video interview..

    Why haven’t I seen any updates on Karridy or Dan’s play I have been looking…

  2. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Great run, Tom! It’s great to see you getting all successy.

    Dan, where can we order our Pokerati jerseys?

  3. On Tilt

    I believe the jersey’s came from Sadler & Carter Poker. Dan, please correct me if i’m wrong…and I know you will. website below. or better yet, for pokerati’s sake, click the ad in the upper left corner of this page.

  4. Bundas

    Ya I was positive it came from Sadler & Carter Poker.
    I wanted Dan to throw out some advertisement. I didn’t want to do that wasn’t sure if it was my place..

  5. donkey

    Can we put this guy on the same breath with Phil Hellmuth? Way to go Tom!

  6. Ed

    “Can we put this guy on the same breath with Phil Hellmuth?”

    From what I have seen/heard of Tom….I like him more than Phil. He is a nice guy who can be funny and does not become an ass in front of the camera.


  7. Jill

    Love the shirt!

  8. Karridy

    I like how Dan’s photo prominently displays the Jersey, yet chops off Tom’s hat. Follow the link below to buy a copy of Tom’s book, “Oops! I won too much money!”

  9. Fresh Princess

    yes, he didn’t post a photo of me because i wasn’t pimping pokerati. i told him to buy me a patch but noooooo!

    Great job again, Tom! See you in the Amazon.

  10. DanM

    Glad you all liked Tom’s duds. Indeed, that was part of my photographic objective above — to capture the essence of a fine poker jersey made by our good friends at Sadler & Carter. At Tom’s first final table, it woulda been difficult to capture the wording on the chest because he had so many chips. But this time … with his being short-stacked for the most of the day, it was much easier.

    Michele, I have lots of photos of you. Did you want me to share them? Sorry about that, I thought they were just for me.