A Few Updates

by , Jul 13, 2007 | 7:14 pm

LAS VEGAS–Josh Evans has lost the chip lead … he’s now 4th, with just fewer than 2 million. With 191 players left, that’s about four times the average stack, so he’s still in very fine position. The chip leader has about 4 million.

UPDATE: Josh is down to 1.7 million … and he’s got a pretty tough table (that looks like it will be broken before the end of the night). At least four people on his table have at least a million, and, he says, “There are three Asians, so they really like to gamble.” Fortunately, he has enough chips that he can play extremely passively and wait out the typhoon, at least for a little while or until conditions change.

UPDATE: Josh’s table has turned rather passive all around. Very few hands played, almost no showdowns. Phil Hellmuth stopped by to wish two players good luck — including one guy who had just been re-raised by Josh … and folded before shaking hands with Phil.

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